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The Motorola corporation, which pioneered the car radio and today looms large in the electronics industry, has a soft-spoken, thoughtful young president who, through natural inclination, has made sports an important part of his company's corporate philosophy.

Five years ago Bob Galvin and some of his old high school friends started a soft-ball team, the Kamikazes, and this rapidly became so important a part of Second Baseman Galvin's life that he has almost never missed a game and has been known to rush out of a West Coast business meeting to fly to Evanston, Ill. for the weekly practice session.

Bob Galvin has also developed a national program to further local Little League clubs and has engaged Bob Feller and Otto Graham to trek the country with baseball and football clinics. A convinced advocate of company-sponsored sports programs, Galvin recently challenged the National Industrial Recreation Association to produce more imaginative recreational programs for women, professional people.