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Original Issue


1—Dan Weiner
3—illustrations by Bernice Greenwald
4—A.P., U.P., A.P., I.N.P.
5—Dick McNeely, Arthur Daley, A.P.
9—George Silk-LIFE
10—John G. Zimmerman
12—Gene Pyle
14, 15—Hy Peskin, A.P., L.A. Times
16—Lou Hodges-Arlington Park
19, 20—drawings by Ajay
26—Alfred Eisenstaedt-LIFE
27—Wil Blanche-Prange Pictures
28—map by Dan Todd
30, 31—Juan Guzman
32, 33—left, Juan Guzman (2); Russell and Joan Penniman
34, 35—upper left, Juan Guzman; Russell and Joan Penniman
36—Russell and Joan Penniman
37—map by Leslie Jacobs
38, 39—R. W. Warner and Associates
42—Daryl Cornick (3)
43—Richard Meek
55—Walter Daran, T.W.A., Brian Seed, Larry Burrows
58—Brian Seed
60—James Wommack
62—Richard Meek
63—flags by William Bernstein
64—H. Raymond Ball-Providence Journal, A.P.