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Especially for women golfers

The woman golfer too frequently thinks in terms of trying to steer the ball with her hands. When she tries to do that, the tendency is to pull the club head across the ball (from the outside in), and a slice is the result.

To overcome this, I recommend that women golfers—and beginners especially—use what I call a modified baseball grip. The left thumb is in line down the shaft of the club, as in orthodox golf grips, but there is no interlocking or overlapping with the little finger of the right hand. This grip causes a golfer to get more right hand into her action. More right hand will enable her to get more power into her swing, and it keeps her from pulling the club head across the ball, makes her swing through the ball and straightens out that slice. This modified baseball grip may result in a slight hook—which would be good for most women golfers. (This is the reverse of what is true of most men; they tend to overemphasize the hit, to get too much right hand into their swings.)

I also think that the woman golfer should wear a full-fingered glove on her left hand. It gives her a much better grip than she could get with her bare hand or a half-fingered glove.

from GEORGE CORCORAN, Greensboro CC, N.C.



George Corcoran advises a modified baseball grip for women golfers