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Here, on a July weekend, is the look of seaside '57, as colorful as a circus

At America's beaches this year can be found some of the brightest clothing ever to go down to the sea. On the eastern seaboard, particularly, vacationers from Maine to Fire Island (where these pictures were taken) are shelving the traditional walking-shorts and madras-shirt uniforms for the most varied and colorful clothing they've worn in years. Among the most popular sources of inspiration is the circus, as seen in Pembroke Squire's clown suit for Masket and Kenn Barr's polka-dotted, striped and ball-fringed circus collection for Casino Classics. Hatter William J. took his beach hat inspiration from a vegetable garden and has planted straw carrots, tomatoes and pumpkins on many a fair head. The men at the shore are wearing clothing strongly influenced by calypso and the Caribbean: batik-printed shirts and bathing suits, bandanna-banded raffia hats, white duck trousers cut mid-calf. Mixed together under the sun, they make a midsummer weekend at the beach an even happier time.

Boardwalk parade is led by Iris Bianchi in clown suit ($25, Masket). Close behind: Bruce Addison in square-necked navy shirt ($8.50, Arden), twill clam diggers ($17.50, Hatton-Case); Louisa Gilardenghi in sleeved Helanca swimsuit ($40, Jantzen); Carol Gerard in shirred, appliquéd, checked suit with overskirt ($35, Tina Leser); Jake Springhorn in striped terrycloth pullover ($18.50), striped clam diggers ($17.50, both Hatton-Case). Bringing up the rear in the wagon are Jake's twins, Karen and Kathy.

Snow fence keeps dunes intact, backdrops Louisa Gilardenghi in checked pants, camisole ($20, Kenn Barr for Casino).

Domino shorts ($10), peasant blouse ($8) and cone-shaped straw hat ($10) are all from Kenn Barr's circus group (Casino).

Vegetable hats—pumpkin and tomato ($19 each, William J.)—are season's zaniest headgear. With them Iris and Louisa wear cap-sleeved, scoop-necked swimsuits of Helanca ($30, Jantzen).

Beach tent (Carole Stupell) echoes stripes in Louisa's ball-fringed beach costume ($24, Kenn Barr for Casino).

Long island lobster is served by Iris Bianchi, wearing a red-and-white striped tent-top pullover shirt ($10) and hat with matching striped band ($10, Casino).

Calypso on the deck is danced by Ronald Springhorn in batik shirt, duck pants ($17 each, Galleria) and Bobbie Lenz in orange pullover, striped cotton shorts ($11 each, Mr. Gee). Other calypso clothes: Tina Leser's swimsuit-dress ($50), bandana-banded hat ($7.50, Men's Hats), tie-front shirt ($13, Tomas) with surfer trunks ($6, Catalina). Sandals are by Bernardo.

Japanese headrests ($8.50, Elizabeth Arden) make sunning pillows for Carol Gerard, who wears a pastel-striped lastex suit ($23, Cole) and Bruce Addison in cinch-sided madras trunks ($7.50, Tomas).

Maillot swimsuit of crepe-knit wool ($23, Rose Marie Reid) is worn by Bobbie Lenz. Towel, umbrella fold into satchel ($15, Beezey).

Japanese wrestler's suit ($20, Arden for Men) is authentic. It is of quilted unbleached cotton and serves as an after-swim cover-up for Ronald Springhorn.