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Queen of the links during a career that spans three decades and includes winning the U.S. women's amateur golf championship six times, Mrs. Edwin Vare Jr., still trim and chic at 54, has retaken the Rhode Island state title which she first won in 1921. The incredible Glenna, a brilliant player and always a charmingly fashionable figure on a golf course, first won the women's amateur title in 1922 and took it for the sixth time in 1935.

Now a grandmother, Mrs. Vare's first remark after accepting this last trophy was, "I shouldn't be here. I should be home baby sitting with my granddaughter, Leslie." In addition to their married daughter, the Vares have a son, Ned, attending the Yale School of Architecture.

Mrs. Vare's present plans include summer at the Vares' country home in Narragansett, Rhode Island and golf in such events as this week's tournament at Point Judith Country Club.