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Five Men, One Thought—THAT PENNANT

A few base hits...but what we mostly need is LUCK

Jack Sanford beat Milwaukee last week 3-1, allowing just five hits. "It was just a lucky night. I was in trouble in the eighth inning when the Braves got two men on with one out, and had Mathews and Aaron coming up. I got both of them on fast balls. Mathews hit one nine miles straight up and Aaron grounded out.

"We need a lot of luck and a few base hits to win the pennant. I think the club that gets hot in September will win it."

Our chances are as good or better than anyone's...I LIKE US

Larry Jackson blanked the Dodgers last week 3-0, on three hits. "I like to beat Brooklyn. Essentially they're a good fast-ball-hitting team, and I'm a sinker-ball pitcher. They're just my kind of club if I'm right. The big thing is to stay ahead of them, make them hit your pitch.

"Our chances of winning the pennant are as good or better than anyone's, because of our pitching. Some say it won't hold up, but I think they're wrong."

I think we'll win...taking Reese's place is AN HONOR

Charlie Neal has replaced the aging Pee Wee Reese as Brooklyn's shortstop. "I feel that taking Reese's place is quite an honor. I just hope I can do half as good as he did. And he told me he wouldn't ever want to play as long as I was going as good as I am now. Isn't that swell?

"I think we're going to win the pennant. It looks like all of us are going right down to the wire. But our pitching's O.K. and our hitting's O.K. We'll win."

When we get down to the wire, we're the ones to GET HOT

George Crowe has been hitting hard all year as a fill-in for Ted Kluszewski. "I feel fine playing out there, but I didn't take the job away from Klu. He's injured, you know. But I always thought I was a pretty good player and that if I got the chance to get out there and play I'd do pretty good.

"We're within striking distance of first place and we won't give up. When we get down to the wire, whoever's hot will win it. I think it will be us."

I just keep swinging...the main thing is, we're IN FRONT

Red Schoendienst stretched his hitting streak to 23 consecutive games last week. "I'm just hoping I can keep it up. I might go all the way, then again, I may not get another hit all season. I just keep swinging, just trying to get those base hits, just trying to win ball games.

"We've had quite a few boys hurt, and that hurts our club, but I think we've got a good chance to win the pennant. We're in front right now, and that's enough."