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Original Issue


1—John G. Zimmerman
2—Mark Kauffman
4—A.P. I.N.P., Max Peter Haas, Larry Sharkey-Los Angeles Times, A.P.
5—U.P. (2), John G. Zimmerman, U.P.
8—George Silk-LIFE
9—John G. Zimmerman
10, 11—George Silk-LIFE
19, 21—drawings by Ajay
24, 25—Le Parisien Libere (2), Paris Match
26—research material courtesy California State Fisheries
30—map by Matt Greene
33-36—Theo Bandi and Emil Schulthess-Du from Black Star
43—drawing by R. W. Godden
49—Richard Meek
53—Coles Phinizy
59—Owen Johnson
67—Nina Leen-LIFE