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For a long time now, children have had a way of latching on to the paraphernalia of the adult world, in one form or other. Remove the revolvers from the holsters of this nation's junior Wyatt Earps, take away their toy automobiles, trains and planes—and the small fry would turn their burp guns on the grownups. The field of model automobiles is immensely varied. On the highest plateau are the self-propelled scale replieas, of which the impeccable Bugatti above and cars on the following page are representative examples from four countries. Some of these have been treasured by two generations of children and undoubtedly will be whizzed about by generations to come. The beautiful Cisitalia, incidentally, has been raced in a kiddies' Grand Prix, akin to a children's quarter-midget racing sport that is catching on in the U.S.

Immaculate one-third model of the unforgettable Type 35, built by Ettore Bugatti for sons, now proudly driven in Paris by Oliver Beressi, 4.

A $1,700 scale copy of ill-fated, Porsche-designed racer. Franco Patria, 14, son of builder, got 38 mph from 3½-hp engine in race at famed Monza course.

Commercially produced copy of Ford's sports car has an electric motor, 5 mph top speed, costs $465. Driver is Heather Henderson, 8, of Mystic, Conn.

Battery-operated, 8-mph sports car built by a Sussex, England garage owner, it has three forward speeds. Young Anthony Smith smiles from cockpit.

Based on Prince Henry model (background), it was built in 1913, has been used by two generations in family of British Auto Writer Laurence Pomeroy.