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This 24-year-old mermaid from Los Angeles who likes to swim under water came up with the largest single fish—a 2-pound one-ounce opal eye perch—in a recent meet for the Pacific Coast Skin Diving Championships held under the auspices of the AAU at Laguna Beach, Calif. Nicer than the fish, to have and to hold on dry land, was this handsome trophy which Mary won for the feat. Competing in the event were teams composed of two girls each from various sections of the West Coast. They were permitted any type of equipment except artificial breathing devices. Since water conditions were very bad during the three hours of the spearfishing contest, with visibility limited to a murky six feet, the young fisherwomen faced a severe challenge. Mary swam in the event as a representative of the Pescadorettes Skin Diving Club. Her aquatic talents are displayed at other times as a member of the synchronized swimming team of the Hollywood Athletic Club. And her pretty face and form are gracious assets to her during business hours behind the TWA ticket counter in Hollywood.