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This skittish Texas miss, skimming backward on a crest of spray as though she had no more weight than a feather, is queen of her domain. She won the national water ski jumping championship in the girls' division (under 17) last year and successfully defended it two weeks ago at the 15th annual National Championship of the American Water Ski Association in San Diego, Calif. While she was at it, Sally added four feet to her jump record, which stands now at a breathtaking 67 feet. Sally also holds the North American title for girls in trick riding, a talent she displays above, where she is being towed in a one-footed stance known as a "swan." And now, turned 17 the day after the San Diego meet closed and thus no longer eligible for the girls' division, she is retiring from competition "forage."

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cruse Morris of San Antonio, Sally learned her water skiing on Lake McQueeny, 30 miles from San Antonio, where the family has a summer cottage. She will keep on skiing for fun. But she has one more year to finish at fashionable Hockaday School in Dallas, and she wants to go on to college. "It would take too much practice time to maintain championship excellence on water skis to be good for my college work."