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This sturdy Californian of 13, basking in the proud smile and encircling arm of her father, is a record-breaker who gives sweet promise of U.S. success in the 1960 Olympics in Rome. Despite her youth, she has shown incredible strength, winning the 220-yard backstroke at the National AAU meet in Houston with the American record-breaking time of 2:40.2 and taking the 100-meter backstroke in the Far Western Swimming Championships with a new U.S. record of 1:13.4. Twice in the last month she finished second to 18-year-old Lorraine Crapp, the Australian world and Olympic titleholder, and she broke several American records at the same time. Chris's father, Dr. John von Saltza, was a swimmer at Stanford University in the '30s. Understandably proud of her, he strictly keeps "hands off" her training. "I believe in leaving coaching to the coaches. If more parents would refrain from interfering with professionals whose job it is to do the training, their children would get a lot more out of competitive sports." Chris swims with the Santa Clara Swim Club, coached by their trainer George Haines.