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a new setting for sport

Twenty-two sports cars left mid-Manhattan a week ago Thursday and, flags flying, headed for the Cross County Shopping Center in Yonkers—and the fourth of the Sports Festivals SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has presented this summer.

Led by Racing Drivers Paul O'Shea and John Fitch, the caravan carried 33 sports stars to an entirely new setting for sports clinics and exhibitions in the New York area: Cross County's pennant-draped 71 acres, where 70 retailers serve 750,000 people in southern Westchester County.

What happened there, as I think you can see on the following pages, was a remarkable new expression of the excitement, drama, and importance of sport in American living today.

Night and Day performances in two sports arenas were major attractions at Cross County Sports Festival. (Above Olympic Medal Winner Bob Clotworthy dives into a specially constructed pool—below, comedy diver Frank Campisi warms up for the afternoon show.)

Thirty-three sports stars, their names a permanent part of the best tradition of American sport* headed the bill at Cross County.

Overhead, 65-foot banners proclaimed the events. Windows were filled with posters, walls covered with pennants. Tens of thousands of enthusiastic spectators overflowed the two sports arenas at the 14 shows, jammed autograph parties, clinics and special demonstrations.

Ann Marston, 19-year-old national woman's precision archery champion exhibits the form that launched a thousand bull's-eyes.

George Mikan, "Mr. Basketball" himself, looms above the crowd in a demonstration of basket skill.

Always the sport stars glitter....

Kids couldn't get hits off Bertha Ragan, soft-ball champ, even with Johnny Mize as coach.

Tennis great Frank Parker rallies with Don Budge. Scorekeeper: Jinx Falkenburg.

Steve Klisanin, "Mr. Universe," lifts more than his weight in bodies.

Bonnie Prudden, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Cover Girl and Physical Fitness Expert, demonstrates the way to keep fit. Bonnie and her staff also conducted a clinic at Wanamaker's.

Football's Otto Graham shows a line-up of eager beavers how to pass and receive.

a new setting for selling

Of all forces in America today, sport seems to sum up best the tempo, spirit and style of contemporary living. And this probably explains why sport fits right in with America's newest way of shopping, the regional shopping center—as this summer's Sports Festivals have dramatically demonstrated it does.

*CROSS COUNTY PARTICIPANTS: Don Budge. Frank Parker. Bertha Ragan. George Mikan, John Mize, Claude Harmon, Jimmy Nichols, Vic Ghezzi, Mercer Beasley. Red Grange. Otto Graham Ralph Branca Bobby Clotworthy, Steve Klisanin. Muzz Patrick, Phil Watson Bobby Knapp, Dick Steadman, Frank Campisi, Lou Kusserow. Fred Perry. Jinx Falkenburg. Willie Mays Jackie Robinson Ann Marston. Walt Moryn. John Fitch. Bud Palmer. Les' Keiter. Willard Marshall. Lou Campi. Charile Silvera. Bonnie Prudden. Paul O'Shea.