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"...A philosophy my family shares"

Consistently, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a mirror of a familiar world in which I find old and good friends whose fellowship has long been important to me, people like Gene Tunney, Ben Hogan, Eddie Arcaro, not to mention a son-in-law, Hank Greenberg. There is, however, another reason for the high place the magazine has in my life:

In 1909, when we moved to New York City to open the new Gimbel store, William Muldoon, health authority, gave me what I still consider the best advice any young fellow could get. One could only hope for true success, if one were balanced physically as well as mentally. "Man should have pride in his body, the home wherein his sold dwells."

Those words convinced me to continue—with boxing, running, fishing and golf—the active participation in sport which began in childhood. I would, perhaps, have done so anyway. The advice of William Muldoon made physical fitness a personal philosophy. It is a philosophy my family actively shares, with flying, skin diving, tennis, golf, fox-hunting and other sports.

So SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a reflection in print of ideas and values enjoyable and, I believe, important to our family life.



Bernard F. Gimbel
The Chairman of the Board of the Gimbel retail empire counts among his many current sports interests golf and deep sea fishing in Florida. The Gimbel home in Greenwich, Conn., has a half-mile track for his stable of thoroughbreds. At Pennsylvania, Gimbel played fullback on the football team and was heavyweight boxing champion of the university in 1904 and 1905.