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MEMO from the publisher

Two weeks ago Tuesday night, at the final dinner of the President's Council on Fitness, Vice-President Richard M. Nixon presented four silver Revere bowls, the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED trophies, to four chapter presidents of the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce.

From more than 250 entries, the Jaycees had winnowed out 12 finalists in their nationwide competition to draft community fitness programs. This competition was held as part of Youth Fitness Week, August 5-10. A distinguished board of judges,* then selected the four best programs, one for each of four different-size cities.

The young presidents and their wives arrived in New York as guests of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, were greeted by the Vice-President at the Waldorf, drove to West Point to the fitness conference, reviewed the Cadet Corps, and received their awards in the ballroom of the Hotel Thayer. Shown above with Vice-President Nixon and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's Assistant Publisher Richard Neale, they are: Lee Scott, Winter Park, Fla., Pat Goodwin, Albuquerque, N.M.; Frank Moore, Kingsport, Tenn.; Robert Dean, Midland, Texas.

The winners showed considerable initiative, and if you are interested, as I imagine every SI reader is, in the physical fitness of the youth of your own community, I would be glad to send a copy of the winning Jaycee program for a city the size of yours.

Our Jaycee friends returned home with the congratulations of the Fitness Council and the sincere thanks of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED for creating a program "which reflects that union of strength and spirit to which the national fitness effort is dedicated."

* The judges: Charles E. Shearer, national Jaycee president; Sidney L. James, SI's Managing Editor; Dr. Shane MacCarthy, Executive Director, The President's Council on Youth Fitness; Bonnie Prudden; Bobby Jones; Phil Rizzuto; Otto Graham; Gene Tunney; Jesse Owens; Maureen Connolly.