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CF, Bats R, .320, 41 HR, 123 RBI

BATTING: Most dangerous hitter on club. Remarkable wrists and timing, hits with great power to all fields. Play him deep and straight away. Never throw him fast ball to hit; use it to move him back or waste it outside. Good curve-ball hitter; keep curve down and away, use changeup to keep him off balance. Hits first pitch. Never bunts.

FIELDING: Strong arm, sure hands. Loping stride covers lots of ground. Is not spectacular and has tendency to loaf.

BASE RUNNING: Good speed but is not smart on bases. No threat to steal.

2B, Bats L-R, .311, 15 HR, 63 RBI

BATTING: Chokes high-up on heavy bat, sprays hits to all fields. Only fair power but can pull sharply down line batting left, will be home run threat in Yankee Stadium. Low-ball hitter batting left, highball hitter batting right. Likes to hit first pitch. Throw him changeup, curve.

FIELDING: One of the great second basemen; smooth, steady, often brilliant. Sure and quick on double play. Masterpiece is charging slow ground ball.

BASE RUNNING: Smart, gets jump, but has slowed down at 34, won't steal.

3B, Bats L, .296, 31 HR, 88 RBI

BATTING: Powerful pull hitter with good wrists, gets out ahead of ball; will be doubly dangerous in Yankee Stadium. Death on high inside fast balls; keep pitches low and away or make him hit to center with high fast ball outside. Left-handers can curve him. Good hunter, hustles very hard.

FIELDING: Because of size, reacts slowly to hard-hit balls to either side; otherwise above-average third baseman who charges ball well, has strong arm.

BASE RUNNING: Won't steal but has good speed, one of best base runners on club.

C, Bats R, .250, 14 HR, 43 RBI

BATTING: Low-average hitter but dangerous in the clutch; has determination and good power. Stay away from low inside fast ball; he can pull sharply and will put it into stands. Curve him low and outside, use high tight fast ball to set him up. Keep change-up on outside corner. Can't bunt.

FIELDING: A superior receiver who studies the hitters, has very good arm, never stops hustling. Despite lack of speed, reacts very fast behind plate, handles bunts, backs up the play.

BASE RUNNING: Slow, won't steal.

SS, Bats R. .280, 10 HR, 47 RBI

BATTING: Fiery competitor, can be dangerous in clutch. Only fair power but is good hit-and-run man, good on sacrifice bunt, hard to fool, gets on base a lot. Primarily a fast-ball hitter; likes pitch inside. Feed him curves, changeup, keep ball on outside.

FIELDING: Two major weaknesses are lack of range and inability to throw runner out from hole. Otherwise steady, has quick hands and accurate arm, plays hitters well, gets ball away fast on double play.

BASE RUNNING: Speed only average but gets jump, will occasionally steal.

1B, Bats R, .283, 10 HR, 35 RBI

BATTING: Missed two-thirds of season with broken leg, may not be in top shape. Great power but not a pull hitter; less dangerous in Yankee Stadium because of big center field. Strength is out over plate, up and outside; sometimes guesses and will anticipate the outside pitch. Curve him low and away, move ball around, occasionally come in tight when you catch him leaning.

FIELDING: Adequate but too big to be highly mobile around bag. Good on balls in dirt but doesn't shift or pivot well.

BASE RUNNING: Slow, no threat on bases.

LF, Bats L, .286, 19 HR, 62 RBI

BATTING: Big, powerful, hits the ball a long way. Despite sitting on bench first half of season, trails only Aaron and Mathews in home runs. Likes fast ball outside. Pitch him tight and low, mix in occasional curve on outside corner to keep him off balance.

FIELDING: Has good hands, average arm, can run but doesn't get good jump on fly ball. Yankee Stadium left field could cause him lots of trouble. Has tendency to be lazy in field when not hitting.

BASE RUNNING: Below-average despite fair speed. No threat to steal.

RF, Bats L, .396, 6 HR, 25 RBI

BATTING: Called up from Triple-A in July, has been late-seasonphenom. A fast-ball hitter with good wrists, he's always out ahead of ball, will put inside pitch in the stands. Use changeup and curve him outside.

FIELDING: Not a good outfielder. Pair speed but unsure on fly balls, doesn't get good jump. Arm is strong, not always accurate. Despite hitting, may play less in Series than vastly superior-fielding veterans Pafko and Bruton.

BASE RUNNING: Runs bases well, will stretch hit, but no threat to steal.

1B, Bats L, .270, 5 HR, 38 RBI

BATTING: Good hitter with smooth, controlled swing. Not much power but hits sharply to all fields. Hard to fool, gets good wood on most pitches. Left-handers don't seem to bother him. Likes fast ball out over plate; throw him changeup, occasional curve. Fast ball on fists will sometimes get him out.

FIELDING: A superior first baseman; agile, pivots and shifts well, handles balls in dirt, good at charging bunts and slow rollers.

BASE RUNNING: Big and slow, won't steal, seldom goes for the extra base.


Throws L, W-20, L-10, 2.74 ERA

PITCHING: One of the great competitors; at 36 just completed eighth 20-victory season. Holds double handful of National League pitching records. Once-feared fast ball no longer overpowering but still quick and sneaky; depends more on fast and slow curve, changeup, exceptional control. With travel breaks, could pitch three games in seven-game Series.

FIELDING: Quick and sure. Has deadliest pickoff move to first in either league.

BATTING: Determined and dangerous. Hits with real power, hits in the clutch.

Throws R, W-17, L-6, 2.78 ERA

PITCHING: Looked like 20-game winner before stiff shoulder benched him for thre weeks in late season. Has had trouble getting back into stride. Big problem otherwise is control (112 walks) but total is deceptive; he's a tough competitor who bears down in clutch. Has best fast ball on staff, relies on it primarily but isn't afraid to use good curve and slider in 3-1 situation. Against team of fast-ball hitters, expect him to use breaking stuff more than usual.

FIELDING: Does an adequate job.

BATTING: No problem; hits like pitcher.

Throws R, W-16, L-9, 3.89 ERA

PITCHING: Former Yankee, once played briefly under Stengel. Has had erratic season complicated by sore arm but can be one of best. A spot pitcher with outstanding control despite fidgety, nervous manner on mound. Fast ball is only fair but has big variety of pitches, keeps them low, may throw with any one of three deceptive motions. Curve and slider are good, screwball—which National Leaguers insist is best spitter around these days—is excellent.

FIELDING: Does an adequate job.

BATTING: Also hits like a pitcher.

Throws R, W-8, L-9, 3.27 ERA

PITCHING: Towering (6-foot-8) ex-basketball star has third-best ERA of Braves' starters, and despite bad luck showed flashes of oldtime brilliance in last half of season. His comeback has meant a lot to Braves pennant drive. Fast-ball pitcher with a big, loose motion, keeps everything low, has good control. Fair curve. Inclined to be erratic; sharp one day, lacks stuff the next.

FIELDING: Size makes him clumsy, slow. You can bunt on him, steal on him.

BATTING: Not a bad hitter for a pitcher. Good power. Treat him with respect.

Throws R, W-7, L-5, 3.38 ERA

PITCHING: Scheduled for relief work at first of season, was sent down to Triple-A, then recalled to become starter when injuries hit pitching staff. Doubtful starter in Series but almost certain to be used in relief. Fast ball only average, curve and slider good. Very sharp control, depends mainly on ability to pitch to spots, likes to throw everything low and on outside corner. After very promising rookie season, has been hit hard this year.

FIELDING: Handles position adequately.

BATTING: Very weak hitter. No problem.

Throws L, W-5, L-6, 4.64 ERA

PITCHING: Last year's minor league strikeout whiz has spent most of the 1957 season bouncing back and forth between Braves and Triple-A, hasn't yet lived up to rave notices. Has cut down on big motion to help control, in doing so lost some of blazing speed. Fast ball still moves but not overpowering, curve only fair but improving, control shaky. Needs experience. Doubtful Series starter, could relieve.

FIELDING: Quick, does a good job.

BATTING: Best-hitting pitcher on the team next to Spahn. Has very good power.

Stocky, red-faced FRED HANEY (2), junior in years only to Stengel among active major league managers (59 to 66), first went into organized ball in 1918, played every infield position during seven-year major league career (.275 lifetime average). Big league managerial career began with last-place Browns (1939-41), nearly ended after three straight eighth-place finishes with Pirates (1953-55). Spent six years out of baseball in '40s as radio play-by-play broadcaster. Took over slumping Braves at mid-season last year, lost pennant on last two days. Plays strictly percentage baseball, CONNIE RYAN (8), National League infielder for 12 years, came to Braves this season after two years of minor league managing. Sharp, aggressive, Ryan coaches third base, JOHNNY RIDDLE (3) caught only 98 games in majors but spent 18 years in minors as player and manager. Has been major league coach since 1948. Coaches first base, CHARLIE ROOT (31) won 201 games in 16 years as pitcher with Cubs. Minor league manager and major league coach before coming to Braves. Is responsible for Braves pitchers, BOB KEELY (35) never played in minors. Major league experience limited to two games as catcher with wartime Cardinals. Braves bullpen coach, batting practice catcher since 1946.

Braves are loaded with first basemen but if they need infield help at any other position it will have to come from FELIX MANTILLA (5); only other possibility is service returnee MEL ROACH (29), who has seen little action. A good glove man, Mantilla helped out at second before Schoendienst joined team, filled in very capably at short when Logan was benched with injury in August. Has good wrists and fair power, likes inside pitch. Watch him on the bases; he can move. Veteran DEL RICE (7) will catch Buhl, is a polished receiver with a strong arm, but a weak hitter. Third catcher, powerful CARL SAWATSKI (15), will probably be No. 1 left-hand pinch hitter. Outfield reserves are good, BILL BRUTON (38). regular center fielder for four years but a doubtful Series starter because of slow recovery from mid-season injury, is high-average hitter, superior defensive outfielder and one of league's best base runners. Likes to hit fast ball back through middle and is constant threat to steal. Not a good bunter. Old ANDY PAFKO (48) hustles hard and could probably do best job of any Brave playing tricky Yankee left field; a fine outfielder. Can hit for distance; likes low tight fast ball, likes to hit first pitch, NIPPY JONES (25), unlikely to play much at first base behind Adcock and Torre, adds right-hand pinch-hitting strength. Bullpen headed by DON MCMAHON (20), who has worked in 29 games, won 0 and lost 3, with a 1.76 ERA. Big strong righthander with very good fast ball, fair control and curve which he throws only when ahead of batter. Big ERNIE JOHNSON (32) has good control, depends on slow stuff, including palm ball. Last year's left-handed rookie Star, TAYLOR PHILLIPS (l7) has not been impressive, still has good curve and fast ball but bothered by control. Right-hander DAVE JOLLY (16) has pitched only 38 innings, all in relief.