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focus on the deed...

Head up, Britain's Dai Rees blasts one down fairway to help his partner, Ken Bousfield, defeat America's Art Wall and Fred Hawkins on way to Ryder Cup victory.

Head forward, Giants' Don Heinrich (11) follows Guard Bill Austin over goal line despite the best efforts of Eagles' Marion Campbell (78) and Abe Gibron (64).

Head down, Middleweight Del Flanagan goes into backward somersault after missing punch in ninth as surprised Winner Yama Bahama watches action at Chicago.

Relaxing paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division turn away from integration problems to help root Little Rock's Central High to a 46-6 victory over Hot Springs.

Beaming broadly as his fans burst into banzai, Wrestler Tochinishiki poses with Emperor's Cup after winning autumn sumo championship at Kuramae Kokugikan.