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Of Horses and Beauty

My business is to make women beautiful. My sport is to raise beautiful horses. It's no coincidence that it has always seemed to me that beautiful women are something like beautiful horses: they both need a great deal of care, fresh air and exercise.

Because my father had thoroughbreds, the thrill that comes from being close to horses came naturally to me. I remember the day when I bought my first saddle horse, a lovely mare named Leading Lady. The pride and satisfaction in owning her were like nothing I had experienced before—and I knew that I must always have horses of my own.

No one can be with horses without understanding the qualities they have which belong to all sport—qualities of beauty and movement, color and competition. Horses—I love them!

It is these same qualities in sport which SPORTS ILLUSTRATED reports each week. And when anyone asks me about SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, I say the same thing: "I love it!"


Elizabeth Nightingale Graham (Elizabeth Arden)

The president and founder of one of the world's largest cosmetic companies is also the First Lady of the Turf. With hundreds of salons all over the world, the Elizabeth Arden name is an international synonym for beauty—but Miss Arden's second universe of accomplishment has its core at her racing stable, Maine Chance Farm. Her horses have won every important racing event, including the Kentucky Derby.