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Sprouting from size 70 cowboy boots are the enormous legs of "Big Tex" (right), a Brobdingnagian cowboy who towers over the Texas State Fair Grounds and symbolizes the big doings this Saturday at the annual Texas-Oklahoma football game in the adjacent Cotton Bowl. For this, the most frenetic football weekend in the Southwest, some 50,000 fans invade Dallas by air, rail and highway in scenes such as those on the succeeding page. And in the face of this human tidal wave Big D surrenders. Hotels and plane hangars are jammed. Cab drivers start their hectic double-shifts. Special "Longhorn" and "Sooner" menus—with their jacked-up prices—appear beside the napkins at the town's less scrupulous restaurants. Merchants moisten their thumbs, for some $2 million will be spent on clothes, souvenirs, nightclubbing, food and drink. As for game tickets, they're next to impossible to come by: the Cotton Bowl was sold out as far back as August.

From all directions the fans descended on Dallas for the Oklahoma-Texas weekend, playing by night and spending by day. Some, like guests of H. C. Price Sr. of Oklahoma, arrived by private plane; others, like R. Wright Armstrong of Fort Worth (left), with his wife and L. M. Olson of Galveston, by their own private cars.