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SF—spotty flight
FF—fair flight
GF—good flight
EF—excellent flight
GDW—good duck weather
SC—season closes (or closed)
BW—bluebird weather
PG—poor gunning
FG—fair gunning
GG—good gunning
EG—excellent gunning
OP—outlook poor
OF—outlook fair
OG—outlook good
OVG—outlook very good
SO—season opens (or opened)

ONTARIO: BW generally, but FG in west arm of Lake Nipissing and in Parry-Sound district of Georgian Bay for FF of BLUEBILLS and WHISTLERS. North Bay district reports GG as last week hunters averaged 2.8 birds an hour, including BLACKS, MALLARDS, REDHEADS, WHISTLERS and BLUEBILLS. PG with BW in Sudbury area.

MAINE: Opening day's bag at Merry-meeting Bay was 2.5 ducks a gun, one bird poorer than last season. In few exceptional areas OG with FF of BLACKS and TEAL, particularly in northern tier of state. Jump-shooters along Allagash and St. John rivers enjoying GG, hanging bags of WOOD DUCKS, REDHEADS, BLACKS and both BLUEWING and GREENWING TEAL. GG for local ducks in Sebasticook stream and the Penobscot River. But over-all OF and uncertain.

PENNSYLVANIA: SO October 15 in all counties but Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware and territory bordering Delaware River. Local birds are numerous with FF of BLACKS, MALLARDS, TEAL and CANADA GEESE in Pymatuning and Conneaut areas and along southern end of Susquehanna River near Sunbury. However, OF since drought has lowered water in rivers and marshes and burnt out much of corn crop.

NORTH CAROLINA: SO November 7, but already EF of ducks and geese are sailing into Nags Head, Pea Island, Currituck and Mattamuskeet areas. OVG for EG opening day.

ILLINOIS: SO October 19. Exception—November 8 for geese in southern Alexander, Union and Williamson counties. Early OP because of BW but FG expected along Illinois River and Mississippi River between Rock Island and Alton with FF of TEAL under way. Best HONKER shooting will be in Union County and at Horseshoe Lake in Alexander County. In state-run goose areas half of shooting pits will be allocated to gunners with permits already issued by Department of Conservation, other half will be filled by public drawing in shooting areas at 5 a.m. daily.

MICHIGAN: EG with EF of REDHEADS, CANVASBACKS, BLACKS and BLUEBILLS at Houghton Lake middle grounds and Munuscong Bay. OVG with flights under way earlier than last year. Look for redhead peak October 25-30.

WISCONSIN: BW and only FG reported although GF of southbound TEAL, CAN-VASBACKS, BLUEBILLS and WIDGEON rafting along shores of Lake Superior. Last week 11,000 HONKERS splashed into Hori-con Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, hiking total to 16,500. SO October 15 and GOOSE buildup will soon reach 60,000. OVG as CANADAS are now feeding near blinds and into corn fields where harvesting is in progress.

IOWA: OG, but BW at moment, TEAL have already moved through most of state, but EF of MALLARDS and PINTAILS are winging through Council Bluffs area. Peak of mallard flight expected about Nov. 10, with pintail concentration usually two weeks earlier. Iowans should note that WOOD DUCK are not legal game this season.

NORTH DAKOTA: Although state legislature approved hunting three and a half days before official federal opening Oct. 1 and 70 federal enforcement officers were sent into state, only 15 preseason arrests made. Nine of culprits not only hunting early, but didn't even have license. Otherwise GG reported and OVG.

SOUTH DAKOTA: SO October 5 with EG for TEAL, especially on lakes and marshes in eastern third of state. SF of early MALLARDS, REDHEADS and CANADA GEESE. T in 50s and OVG with harder weather.

NEBRASKA: OVG/EG with gunners limiting early on TEAL at Sand Hills lakes, the Platte River Valley and along the Missouri River. Some MALLARDS, PINTAILS and GADWALLS bagged but BLUEWING and GREENWING TEAL most plentiful targets now. Rain has filled potholes and farm ponds, and OVG.

IDAHO: SO Oct. 5 with GDW and duck census is generally as good as 1956. EG for ducks and geese reported on Snake and Boise rivers. Unusually GG for HONKERS now in vicinity of Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge with 3,000 GEESE and over 25,000 MALLARDS in residence. EG for HONKERS also near marshes at mouth of Boise and Gray's Lake near Soda Springs. BW last week sent most hunters to potholes, drainage ditches and farm ponds for jump-shooting, but OG as GDW returns.

CALIFORNIA: OVG, EG and GDW has kept estimated 7 million wildfowl in state flying low. Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys report over one million birds present, including EF of HONKERS and SPECKLED GEESE. EG in Tule Lake and lower Klamath River areas. EG also along lower Colorado River for PINTAILS, TEAL and WIDGEON.

OREGON: SO October 12 and OVG for finest season in years. EF of MALLARDS, PINTAILS, TEAL and CANVASBACKS now rafting in Malheur public shooting ground with GF of HONKERS, WHITE-FRONTED GEESE and SNOW GEESE also moving in. EG too in central state's Summer Lake public shooting ground. Klamath Falls and Warner Valley areas slow, but OG.



PACIFIC slight decrease from 1956

CENTRAL as good as 1956

MISSISSIPPI as good as 1956

ATLANTIC as good as 1956





(insufficient data for Oregon. Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois)