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SO—season opens SC—season closes C—clear water D—water dirty, roily N—water normal height SH—slightly high H—high VH—very high M—water muddy L—low R—rising WT50—water 50° FG—fishing good FVG—fishing very good FF—fishing fair FP—fishing poor OG—outlook good OVG—outlook very good OF—outlook fair OP—outlook poor

TROUT: ARKANSAS: FVG for rainbows to 5 pounds on White and North Fork rivers below Bull Shoals and Norfork dams, where cold water spewing from bottom of dams has created ideal trout habitat. Water is fast, however, and bait, usually worms or plastic worms, must be fished deep. A long weighted leader is suggested, but some determined anglers scoring with artificials. OVG.

BLACK BASS: MISSISSIPPI: FVG in ox bow lakes along Mississippi River, especially Eagle Lake. Last week Tom Cameron of Jackson visited his camp on Eagle Lake and returned with limit of bass and squirrels. He used a white Bushwhacker for bass. Current productive method, however, is to troll as fast as possible with spoon plugs from a scow-bowed shell driven by 7½-hp outboard. Agent explains you can't miss if you keep experimenting until you have the lure of the right size, color and action and troll it at the right speed and depth.

PACIFIC SALMON: OREGON: OVG with most streams N and fresh salmon runs congregating in lower bays. FVG now in Siletz, Alsea and Nestucca rivers for both cohos and chinooks. Small herring with Herring-Magic plug the lure in vogue, although fluorescent red Hot-Shots and Flatfish are close seconds.

IDAHO: OVG/FVG as alltime record run of chinooks established at McNary, Bonneville and Lewiston dams along Columbia River. In Idaho count more than double 1956, with more than 10,000 chinooks already transported around Brownlee Dam under construction in Hell's Canyon. Anglers still disturbed about "damned dams" but news encouraging.

BLUE MARLIN: HAWAII: Marlin count from Kona last week was 6, totaling 1122 pounds. Largest was a 280-pound warrior taken by Clyde E. Speer of Pittsburgh in 50 minutes; FG/OG.

STEELHEAD: BRITISH COLUMBIA: Finest season in some years now shaping up on Thompson River. Water N and C and early-run fish are both big, over 12 pounds, and strong. Last week Jack Horner of San Francisco reported excellent results on flies, but majority of anglers leaning to spinning tackle and lures; FVG/OVG on Thompson.

CALIFORNIA: All steelhead streams H and M except Klamath, Trinity and Sacramento rivers, which are H but fairly C and FG on bait. Spy advises that Los Molinos area on Sacramento offers best chance for immediate action and OG.

WISCONSIN: FP on Brule River, although past week produced some of biggest migrants to date. Jack Blondell of Superior, Wis. collared a 9-pounder, and Morris Johnson of St. Paul deflated two, one 6 and one 8 pounds. OF, with WT 48 and Brule N and C.

STRIPED BASS: NEW JERSEY: OG/FG as fall run of big stripers is gaining momentum in Sandy Hook area. Last week produced a 28-and 36-pounder for ambitious Troller Andy Albano of Roselle Park, and surf casting OVG through November.