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In football's wildest week of upsets, only Oklahoma's 44th straight win and news of a player named John Barefoot losing his shoe in New Mexico seemed true to form


Army went sparingly on such new-fangled football devices as the second unit and the forward pass, elected to rumble over the jumbos of Pittsburgh's inner line, wound up thumping its most likely rival for the Lambert Trophy 29-13. Army's slippery sophomore halfback, Bob Anderson, had another fine afternoon, racing for 96 yards and two touchdowns, intercepting two late Pitt passes.

The Colgate football maxim for Ivy Leaguers (if you can't join 'em, beat 'em) held up as the Red Raiders stunned previously unbeaten Princeton 12-10. Colgate walked off the field having won nine of its last 11 games with the Ivies.


The Auburn Tigers, who had previously won two Southeast Conference games with a single touchdown in each, won their third with none at all, edging Georgia Tech on a field goal 3—0. The savage Auburn line played with last-second urgency the entire game, twice stopped the Techmen within 10 yards of a touchdown. Offensively, Auburn made do with Fullback Billy Atkins' wide-angle placement from the 21 just as the second period began. Although bowl-banned Auburn closes in on the conference championship, it must settle for a seat by its television set on New Year's Day.

It is likely they'll be viewing Mississippi, which swept through Tulane like flu through a schoolhouse. Unbeaten Miss gained 416 yards on the ground to swamp the Green Wave 50-0.

Off-again-on-again Maryland was on again—in the presence of the Queen of England—whipping the tar out of North Carolina 21-7 (see page 31). On one of the few exciting plays of the game, Maryland Halfback Ted Kershner sprinted 81 yards to break a 7-7 tie and kill the Tar Heels' faintest hope of an Atlantic Coast Conference title.


The Boilermakers of Purdue, beaten in three starts this season and spoiling for an upset, took on the nation's best, kayoed Michigan state, 20-13. The Spartans, in face of Purdue's vicious line, lost their first five fumbles of the year, succeeded in shaking loose only Halfback Walt Kowalczyk who galloped for a total of 72 yards and one touchdown.

Coach Ray Eliot, touched with mercy in the last period, flung in his third and fourth units, kept the Illinois-Minnesota upset scoring within the bounds of decency. Illini Quarterback Tom Haller poured it on the goggle-eyed Gophers, sent Halfback Bob Mitchell off the tackles, Fullback Jack Delveaux up the middle, methodically guided his team to a 34-13 victory.


The unbeaten Porkers of Arkansas, out to show their stuff to the home folks in Fayetteville, took it in the chops from Texas 17-0. From that moment in the first period when Texas' Fred Bednarski swatted a side-footed field goal from the 23, Arky was fighting uphill. It clutched, fumbled and never got rolling, looked hardly the club that beat TCU and Baylor. On the other hand, Texas showed its regular weekly improvement, gained considerable prestige in the Southwest Conference.

Outplayed by a two-touchdown underdog, Texas A&M nevertheless kept the form sheets in order by socking jittery Texas Christian 7-0. TCU had a whale of a day on the charts, leading the Aggies in total offense, first downs, number of plays from scrimmage and fumbles. The fumbles did it.

The pass-happy Skyline Conference, supposedly dominated by Utah and Wyoming (see page 37), fell into a seven-team snarl as the cofavorites suffered the upset treatment. Lee Grosscup's superb passing (12 of 16 for 136 yards) was utterly wasted as Utah dropped one to thrice-beaten Denver 12-7. Off in Laramie, Wyoming Quarterback Larry Zowada had his troubles with a wet ball, tossed for 19 yards in a scoreless tie with Brigham Young.

Some 19,000 homecoming fans who had jammed Washington state's tiny Rogers Field to cheer on the Cougars to the Rose Bowl, sank back in grief as a last-minute extra point attempt struck the upright and fell back into the end zone. The Cougars lost to Oregon 14-13. Oregon, unbeaten in three conference games, now takes over first spot in the Coast's crazy bowl derby.