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Original Issue

focus on the deed...

Old halfback Dwight Eisenhower, flanked by his host, Naval Academy Superintendent Rear Admiral William R. Smedberg (left), and West Point Commandant Brigadier General John L. Throckmorton, reacts like any other fan as he rises to give his full-throated support to Army 150-pounders in 7-0 victory over Navy team at Annapolis.

Young heavyweight Willie Pastrano, who won handily, makes a pass with his talented left hand while giving bloody Dick Richardson a boxing lesson at London.

On the way to pacing's biggest payoff with Meadow Lands, Driver Del Miller casts furtive glance at Nyland Hanover in $100,084 Messenger Stake (see page 52).

On the beam with his hot putter, Japan's Nakamura, surprise winner over American pros, prepares to hole out in early round of Canada Cup matches at Tokyo.