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The six pleased-as-punch Oklahoma youngsters pictured below are (left to right): Claud Maxwell, 17, Cynthia Ann Hahn, 17, Judy Lunsford, 18, and Charles Bryan, 15, all of Oklahoma City, and Cleo Jones, 16, and Tex Worley, 17, of Nuyaka. The occasion for their grins and trophies was the conclusion of Oklahoma City's first Hunter Safety Meet, won by the Maxwell-Hahn team; Lunsford-Bryan were second and Jones-Worley third out of a field of 25 teen-age pairs who competed at the Capitol City Gun Club. The meet, sponsored by radio-TV station WKY to dramatize the practical value of sound training for young hunters, was divided into three parts: gun handling under field conditions, trapshooting and a written examination. Sample question: "True or false? Because many farmers dislike hunters, it is best to enter hunting grounds quietly so no one knows you are there." In the field trial the contestants, armed with shotguns and blank loads, got in and out of an automobile and a boat, crossed a fence, followed a trail and blazed away at a stuffed crow, squirrel, coyote, pheasant, opossum, quail, fox and rabbit which bordered the way like a mob scene from Uncle Remus. Said Judge Ted McClung, when the smoke cleared: "It's amazing how well the kids have been trained."