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Homecoming weekend is that exclamation mark in the college calendar that once a year brings the old grad back to the campus to hobnob with the undergrad and rediscover that all is well at alma mater. This is particularly true on the campuses of the Big Ten where all the fervor of midwestern football—as caught in the faces of the Michigan rooters on the opposite page at last year's Minnesota game—is added to such pregame and postgame homecoming skylarks and parties as those pictured on the pages following. It was on that same day last year, incidentally, that Bobby Cox (below) first showed the talents that marked him as a coming All-America.

Annual Mud Bowl touch tackle game (above), played on the firm lawn of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, draws a good early-morning crowd and a campus wag (left) whose placard and getup won him honorable mention in the Bowl's all-male queen contest. Best men's display (opposite) was Lambda Chi Alpha's fiery MINNESOTA DOESN'T HAVE A SNOWBALL'S CHANCE IN ——

The day at Ann Arbor ends with a semiformal Homecoming Dance held in the huge gymnasium of the Intramural Building