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The U.S. Women's Lacrosse team returned triumphant this week from a two-month, 35-game tour of the British Isles. They won three out of five international matches and tied the other two—the best showing ever made by U.S. women in more than 20 years of intermittent matches with the British, who had won all the previous tournaments. Selected from regional associations in the Philadelphia, Boston and Westchester, N.Y. areas, the touring U.S. team were guests of the All England Ladies' Lacrosse Association. During their visit they met similarly selected all-star teams from England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland as well as college groups. The winning 15 above are (standing, from left to right) Sue Gordy, Ruth Chalmers, Gayle Meacham, Lee Chadbourne, Barbara J. Hall, Barbara Heylmun, Mildred Barnes, Mary Fetter, Jane Oswald, Roberta Brennan, Christine Fazzi and Betty King. Kneeling in foreground are Grace Elliott, Gertrude Dunn and Eleanor Keady. (A 16th team member, Kate Barrett, had to return to the States before the final match.) Unlike men's game, women's less rugged lacrosse does not require protective helmets.