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MEMO from the publisher

Last week a 193-page book, bound in red leather, went to the judges who will select this year's second annual Silver Anniversary All-America. It contains the nominations of those football lettermen of 25 years ago who, in the opinion of their colleges, have most distinguished themselves since then. Managing Editor Sidney L. James wrote in an accompanying letter:

"The nominations reflect achievement in every area of American life—banking, industry, medicine, law, theology, teaching, coaching, agriculture and the armed services. All colleges were asked to use the same simple criteria: achievement in chosen careers and, where pertinent, in community service. As you will see, the colleges varied in the length of their supporting citations; the evidence before you is strictly in terms chosen by the colleges themselves."

The announcement of the 25 lettermen finally selected will be part of our special YEAREND ISSUE of December 23. Having had a chance already to read through the nominations, I feel sure that this year again the winners, whoever they are, will confirm one important purpose of the Silver Anniversary All-America—"the emphasis of the human values in which athletics and education are joined."

The judges:

WILLIAM M. ALLEN, president, Boeing Aircraft Co.
S. C. ALLYN, chairman, National Cash Register Co.
LEE H. BRISTOL, president, Bristol-Myers Co.
DAVID R. CALHOUN, president, St. Louis Trust Co.
NORMAN CHANDLER, publisher, Los Angeles Times
LESTER L. COLBERT, president, Chrysler Corp.
RAYMOND C. FIRESTONE, president, Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.
ARTEMUS L. GATES, corporation director and World War II Undersecretary of the Navy
THOMAS J. HARGRAVE, chairman, Eastman Kodak Co.
ROBERT I. INGALLS JR., chairman, Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp.
JOHN F. KENNEDY, Senator from Massachusetts
CHESTER J. LaROCHE, chairman of the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame and president of C. J. LaRoche & Co., Inc.
O. PARKER McCOMAS, president, Philip Morris, Inc.
CHARLES G. MORTIMER, president, General Foods Corp.
FRANK PACE JR., president, General Dynamics Corp.
CHARLES H. PERCY, president, Bell & Howell
GWILYM PRICE, president, Westinghouse Electric Co.
WILLIAM E. ROBINSON, president, The Coca-Cola Co.
L. S. ROSENSTEIL, board chairman, Schenley Industries
LOUIS B. SELTZER, editor-in-chief, The Cleveland Press
JUAN T. TRIPPE, president, Pan-American World Airways
HAROLD S. VANDERBILT, capitalist and sportsman
WILLIAM K. WHITEFORD, president, Gulf Oil Corp.
ANGUS WYNNE JR., independent oilman and cattleman, Dallas

Not all of the judges happened to play football. But they represent, by almost any criteria, a notable All-America. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is proud to have them making the final decisions which, enjoyable to ponder, will be hard to arrive at.


TWO OF LAST YEAR'S Silver Anniversary winners: Dr. Wilson Elkins, president of the University of Maryland; Douglas MacArthur II, Ambassador to Japan, with their SPORTS ILLUSTRATED trophies.