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Sport in the full life

Sports are a part of the life of most Americans. Nearly all of us, as participants or spectators, find in sports relaxation and identification that make our ways more satisfying and invigorating.

For those of us who like to follow sports more closely than circumstances permit, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED furnishes a compact and informative slice of the sporting world. It enables us to escape for the moment from the complexities and trials of everyday existence. For a too-brief moment we catch the flavor and color, even the shouts and sounds, of that "Wonderful World," as the publishers call it. Football, sailing, hunting, golf, whatever trail one follows, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has captured a part of life that all of us enjoy.


Senator and Mrs. John F. Kennedy

Senator John F. Kennedy, an honor graduate of Harvard, with his brother won the Intercollegiate Sailing Championship in 1938. He was also a member of the Harvard swimming team—a bit of foresight which stood him in good stead when his PT boat was rammed and cut in half by a Japanese destroyer in the Solomon Islands during World War II.