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focus on the deed...

Riding high, Donald Campbell's lobster-shaped Bluebird II, tail up and pontoons just skimming the surface, appears to be barely tiptoeing over the water on the way to a new world speed record of 239.07 mph for jet-propelled hydroplanes at England's Lake Coniston.

Booming along, rifle-bearing Harvard students provide armed guard for the band's huge bass drum before start of game with Princeton (won by Tigers 28-20) at Cambridge, Mass. Cantabs learned their lesson when Dartmouth boys nearly kidnaped the prize a week earlier.

Off balance Bill Russell isn't really getting ready to unload haymaker on Cincinnati's George King but merely trying to regain his footing in 122-110 NBA win over Royals.

Smooth takeoff carries America's Hugh Wiley and his mount, Nautical, over barrier on way to victory in the West Point Challenge Trophy at National Horse Show in New York.