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S—snow R—rain F—freeze-up T—temperature SF—spotty flight FF—fair flight GF—good flight EF—excellent flight GDW—good duck weather SC—season closes (or closed) BW—bluebird weather PG—poor gunning FG—fair gunning GG—good gunning EG—excellent gunning OP—outlook poor OF—outlook fair OG—outlook good OVG—outlook very good SO—season opens (or opened)

MARYLAND: SO Nov. 7 with Governor Theodore Roosevelt McKeldin among the hopeful though largely unrequited sportsmen in Chester River blinds. "We saw thousands of geese and swan," the governor reported, "and there were plenty of ducks flying, but not in our direction." In spite of Governor McKeldin's duckless day, early season generally GG with OVG. Duck population is about 20% below normal, but GDW is expected to remedy situation. EG, however, for canvasbacks on Susquehanna Flats and on Sassafras River as far south as Bay Bridge EG for honkers in Kent County. Only sour note struck by federal game agents who made 25 opening-day arrests for illegal duck baiting. "The arrests were routine for Maryland," said one agent. "In any other state in the Union this would make your hair stand on end. It is flagrant and arrogant violation of the [federal] baiting law. But, as I said, for Maryland, it's routine." Maryland and the federal government have long waged acrimonious battle on baiting.

IOWA: Agent advises the big duck push is on through the Missouri River Valley. EF of mallards, canvasbacks and redheads under way. Ten thousand blue and snow geese also reported present but are not decoying readily. GDW a necessity for GG.

TEXAS: Upper coast enjoying EG for mallards, pintails and widgeon. GF redheads in Port Aransas area. EF of snow, Canada, and white-fronted geese also in upper areas, but best spot for honkers is near Austwell and Chapman Ranch to the south. Last week Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Callaway of Corpus Christi spent weekend patiently parked in goose blind south of city, returned home gooseless, were rewarded by their dog which found white-fronted goose under their house.

NEW MEXICO: SO Nov. 2 with bird population up 50% since then. Teal and coot have left, but EF of mallards has moved in. GF of mallards along with some baldpates now in northeastern state near Clayton, Raton, Springer, Las Vegas and Tucumcari. FF of mallards and pintails in Rio Grande Valley between Albuquerque and Elephant Butte Lake and along Pecos River near Roswell. EG now in bosque (swampy) land immediately north of Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, but as a whole, state is looking for GDW.

CALIFORNIA: EF of pintails in Imperial Valley and along lower Colorado River rewarding hunters with EG. Most torrid gunning area still Hazard-Wister public shooting area, averaging 3 to 4 birds a day. In northern state Tule Lake taking honors for mallard seekers, but pintails and geese are mixed in; OVG.