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SO—season opens
SC—season closes
C—clear water
D—water dirty, roily
N—water normal height
SH—slightly high
VH—very high
M—water muddy
WT50—water 50°
FG—fishing good
FVG—fishing very good
FF—fishing fair
FP—fishing poor
OG—outlook good
OVG—outlook very good
OF—outlook fair
OP—outlook poor

PICKEREL: NEW JERSEY: A 9-pound 3-ounce Eastern Chain Pickerel taken from lower Aetna Lake last July 6 by 11-year-old Frank McGovern of Medford Lakes, N.J. has been officially recognized as a new fresh-water world record.

STRIPED BASS: NEW JERSEY: FVG for 3-to 8-pound stripers in Island Beach surf, with a new gimmick taking most fish. Angler, are attaching single-hook feather lure on short leader about 18 inches above widely used metal Hopkins lure. Agent reports that nine out of 10 fish are ignoring metal lure and striking feather. Color of feather not important, but red, yellow and white being used; OG.

SOUTH CAROLINA: 2,223 5-pounders taken at Santee-Cooper Dam last week, and OVG. Fall schooling spotty and stripers showing preference for cut shad fished on bottom. Area near mouth of Eutaw Creek current hot spot.

CALIFORNIA: Rough water slowed fishing last week, but OVG, with weighty catches reported. Bug-eyed jigs luring bass to 19 pounds in Franks Tract, but H. Keogh of Las Vegas, Nev. beached a 27½-pounder using bait. FG also reported on Sacramento side of Three-Mile Slough, where last week Mrs. Adeline Cabreal of San Leandro, Calif. subdued a 40-pound trophy; OVG.

BONEFISH: FLORIDA: FVG as Keys season gets under way. Last week Clyde E. Speer finished seven days of angling with Key Largo Guide Calvin Albury with a score of 14 bonefish and one permit. Bonefish ranged from 8 to 11¾ pounds. Permit weighed 20 pounds and was boated after 37-minute wrangle on eight-pound test spinning tackle. Islamorada Guide Everett Carey led Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Robinson of Falls Church, Va. to nine fish in three days, with the largest topping 11 pounds; OVG.

CHANNEL BASS: NORTH CAROLINA: Women continue to highlight excellent bassing at Hatteras and Ocracoke Island. Last week Mrs. Ormond Fuller of Buxton, N.C. bested a 55-pounder in Hatteras surf, while at Ocracoke Island Mrs. C.F. Boyett of Ocracoke took a 48-pounder. FVG/OVG through early December.