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SF—spotty flight
FF—fair flight
GF—good flight
EF—excellent flight
GDW—good duck weather
SC—season closes (or closed)
BW—bluebird weather
PG—poor gunning
FG—fair gunning
GG—good gunning
EG—excellent gunning
OP—outlook poor
OF—outlook fair
OG—outlook good
OVG—outlook very good
SO—season opens (or opened)

CONNECTICUT: November lull in progress, with few bluebills offshore and BW discouraging new influx. OG, however, since first blow will shoo in birds.

NEW JERSEY: EF of brant still on Barnegat Bay, but only FG until weather changes for the worse.

MARYLAND: BW also plaguing Maryland gunners, but canvasback limits possible on south side of Susquehanna Flats. EF of geese, and OVG as moon darkens. Last week, much to goose hunters' distress, honkers camped in open water during day and moved into moonlit fields to feed at night.

INDIANA: State Department of Conservation is flooding 1,500-acre tract in Kankakee State Game Preserve, and, as 32,000 gallons of water a minute pour in, so do ducks. OVG for northern Indiana, thanks to this project.

NORTH DAKOTA: EG in corn fields along Missouri River from Garrison Dam to South Dakota border. EF of mallards at Long Lake and Heart Butte Reservoir in southwest section of state, and OG.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Birds quiet in BW, but OG for EG with an estimated 350,000 mallards and 12,000 honkers in vicinity of Randall Dam Reservoir. Biggest concentrations at Brule Bottoms north of Chamberlain, the Creamer-Boyer area south of Chamberlain and at Wheeler Creek north of Bonesteel.

NEBRASKA: Pot holes and soil-conservation dams in pastures offering EG for mallards in Beatrice-Schuyler area. Lakes are frozen in Sand Hills and birds have moved south to Lake McConaughy in Ogallala area. Lake is 20 feet higher than last season and hunters are enjoying EG.

NEW MEXICO: EF at head of Elephant Butte Lake and along the Rio Grande to Socorro as GDW is building up mallard population. Elephant Butte reports good water supply. Last year low water led to severe botulism outbreak at Elephant Butte and thousands of ducks died. FF of mallards in northeastern areas and GF of redheads and canvasbacks reported along the Pecos River, particularly at Lake McMillan. Goose SO Nov. 17 and although there are SF of Canadas and snows on Rio Grande and Pecos big flights not expected until first week of December.

TEXAS: First wet norther last week pushed EF of redheads, bluebills and widgeon into lower coast regions. EG at Port Aransas, Rockport, Aransas Pass and Corpus Christi. EF of geese still in progress but PG as rain filled hunters' pits; OG with drier weather.

CALIFORNIA: Geese, mainly specks and snows, now in Sacramento Valley by tens of thousands, with largest number between Williams and Colusa. Last week in three days 465 gunners dropped 499 geese at Colusa Refuge. Goose hunting tailing off in Tule Lake-Upper Klamath area, but still EG there.

WASHINGTON: Northern flights now at peak, and EG in spite of BW for ducks and geese.