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these faces in the crowd...

Joan Robinson Hill, pretty wife of Houston physician and four-time winner of world five-gaited amateur title with Beloved Belinda, charmed New York audiences with her beauty and horsemanship as she won favorite event at National Horse Show.

Lee Grosscup, bull's-eye-pitching Utah passer who threw Army camp into consternation only week earlier, unloaded his aerial bombs on Air Force, completing 13 of 16 for 249 yards in 34-0 victory and raising nation's leading percentage to 69.7.

Derek Ibbotson, cocky 25-year-old Yorkshire electrical engineer who lit up track world with world-record 3:57.2 mile in historic race at London last July 19, has been appropriately named Britain's Athlete of Year by British Amateur Athletic Association.

Marcia Valibus, perky 19-year-old green-eyed blonde who is sophomore at U. of Miami, has good reason to flash winning smile after being selected from group of coed beauties to reign as Queen of Orange Bowl for New Year's Day football game.

John Dawes Ames, 53, onetime publisher of Chicago Journal of Commerce and now successful investment broker, son of oldtime Princeton football hero Knowlton (Snake) Ames and captain of 1928 Tiger golf team, has been nominated for presidency of USGA.

Dr. Clarence C. (Buddy) Combs, hard-riding veterinarian from Eatontown, N.J. who has been standout polo star for last 20 years, was once again rated only 10-goal player in arena (indoor-outdoor) three-man competition by U.S. Polo Association.