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Both it was in Princeton for a joyful Yale Bulldog who surprised the favored Princeton Tiger by completing 15 out of 20 passes for 234 yards and a 20-13 upset. Yale End Mike Cavallon (82) grabs the first of his three touchdown receptions (above) on the Princeton 29-yard line, while the Tigers' Tom Morris (45) and Mike Ippolito (93) wave futilely at the ball. Yale Captain Jack Embersits (63), still biting his mouthpiece, gets a victory ride (below) with Coach Jordan Olivar.

And it was at Houston for Texas A&M, which was riding a 14-game winning streak until stopped by Rice 7-6. John Crow (44), the Aggies' halfback candidate for the Heisman Award, here dumped from behind by End Buddy Dial (84), did his best for the losers by gaining 63 yards. But like Oklahoma, the No. 1-ranking Aggies had reached the end of the line.