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S—snow R—rain F—freeze-up T—temperature ST—spotty flight FF—fair flight GF—good flight EF—excellent flight GDW—good duck weather SC—season closes (or closed) BW—bluebird weather PG—poor gunning FG—fair gunning GG—good gunning EG—excellent gunning OP—outlook poor OF—outlook fair OG—outlook good OVG—outlook very good SO—season opens (or opened)

MARYLAND: Peak of redhead flight late, but GDW last weekend and OG. GG for honkers and EG for canvasbacks on Susquehanna Flats. Biggest recent bag, however, 15 gunners including two Army generals arrested by federal agents for allegedly shooting geese over baited area. Arrests highlight running controversy between Maryland and federal government over baiting laws.

NORTH CAROLINA: EF of brant in Ocracoke region of Pamlico Sound and GF of honkers and pintails. Exceptionally large concentration of honkers, almost 100,000, now at Lake Mattamuskeet, but agent reports so many hunters in so many blinds so close together that when a goose is shot it is virtually impossible to tell who hit it.

MISSISSIPPI: EF mallards now winging down Mississippi River. Water levels exceptionally high and many gunners heading toward Pin Oak Flats of the Yazoo River Delta where ducks are also heading to feed on acorns; OVG.

LOUISIANA: General state OG with GG particularly through marshes below Lake Charles in southwest area. Wind last week reputedly blew so hard that decoying mallards suddenly found themselves going backward. GG also in northeastern region where mallard flight is reaching peak. Wham Brake and Black Bayou Lake both offering limits.

SOUTH DAKOTA: F has blocked almost all streams and small bodies of water. Fort Randall Reservoir, nevertheless, is host to 900,000 mallards and 14,000 geese. Mallards are feeding in cornfields up to 30 miles from reservoir dam, and wild-fowlers report EG/OVG.

IDAHO: Example of current EG afforded by Royce Hansen and Merritt Woolsey of Salt Lake City who dropped five mallards and two honkers each in 17 minutes of shooting last week at Mud Lake. Snake River also mallard-ridden from Grandview to Swan Falls and birds decoying well. EF of mallards on Lemhi River near Warm Springs and also along Boise and Weiser rivers; OVG.

UTAH: EF of pintails, mallards, bluebills, and gadwalls in progress over Great Salt Lake. OVG and tempered only by fear of Utah sportsmen that F may be early.

OREGON: OP at Malheur public shooting area, Warner Valley and Lakeview as F last week drove most birds out. GF of mallards and geese, however, moved into Klamath Falls area and EG.

WASHINGTON: GG for mallards and pintails now at 1,000-acre Lake Terrell public shooting ground in Whatcom County. EF of birds on Skagit Flats, but GDW in form of a southeaster needed. FG for honkers reported in wheat fields along Snake River breaks although large spread of decoys necessary.