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HICKMAN'S HUNCHES for games of Saturday, November 30

•Army-Navy. TV Game of the Week. Two direct opposites in offensive operations. Cadets are a running team, as have been all Blaik-coached squads of the past. Midshipmen, with pro-minded Erdelatz at the helm, stress passing game in all its phases. Defensively, Middies have been more consistent than Cadets. NAVY.

•Rice-Baylor. Bears expected to finish at or near the top but find themselves on the bottom. Owls unnoticed until win over Texas A&M. Going with the Owls and their brilliant quarterback, King Hill. RICE.

•Mississippi State - Mississippi. State with Stacy at quarterback can spell trouble for the Rebels. Still I must stick to the bigger and deeper squad. MISSISSIPPI.

•Alabama - Auburn. "Although we are not now that strength which in the old days moved earth and heaven" the once-mighty Crimson Tide will make a last-ditch effort to ruin the record of a hated enemy. AUBURN.

•Holy Cross - Boston College. Eagles after opening one-sided loss to Navy have gone clean, and there is a strong possibility that a win over Holy Cross will bring a bowl bid. Crusaders' record not as impressive, but schedule has been tougher. HOLY CROSS.

•Miami-Florida. This has been a rebuilding year for the Hurricanes, and they have taken their lumps. The Gators are enjoying their best season in several years, and a win over Miami might put them in the Gator Bowl. Incentive, strength and more consistent play says...FLORIDA.

•North Carolina - Virginia. Tatum's Tar Heels rose up and smote the Blue Devils a well-remembered blow in Durham. Cavaliers have had only a so-so season but could catch Carolina still in the middle of a victory parade. Nonetheless...NORTH CAROLINA.

•Oklahoma - Oklahoma State. The Aggies would like nothing better than adding insult to injury by a win over the Sooners whose new winning streak now stands at one. May be much closer than you would think, but the Sooners should make it two in a row...OKLAHOMA.


Notre Dame over Southern California
Georgia Tech over Georgia
Air Force Academy over Colorado State
Tennessee over Vanderbilt
Southern Methodist over Texas Christian
South Carolina over Wake Forest
Clemson over Furman
Brigham Young over New Mexico
Louisiana State Over Tulane
Tulsa over Wichita

Last week's hunches: 18 right, 6 wrong, 1 tie
Record to date: 160-78-12