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SO—season opens
SC—season closes
C—clear water
D—water dirty, roily
N—water normal height
SH—slightly high
VH—very high
M—water muddy
WT50—water 50°
FG—fishing good
FVG—fishing very good
FF—fishing fair
FP—fishing poor
OG—outlook good
OVG—outlook very good
OF—outlook fair
OP—outlook poor

Channel bass: NORTH CAROLINA: OG/FG, with record season (see pictures below) holding up thanks to mild weather. Surf anglers still garnering 40-pounders from Avon on Hatteras to Ocracoke Inlet. Hatteras Inlet also in fishy furor. There last week 8-year-old, 55-pound Edgar Hooper Jr. beached a 46½-pound bass.

Bonefish: BAHAMAS: Much rejoicing at the Bang Bang Club on Andros Island last week as Commander C. E. Daniels, USN (ret.) of Washington, D.C. weighed in 15-pound bonefish and requested it be recognized as new world record in 20-pound test line classification. Current record is 14-pounder taken at Bermuda in 1950. Out Islands OVG.

FLORIDA: Keys guides report satisfying early-season catches and OVG.

Steelhead: IDAHO: Warm weather causing flurry of activity on Snake River below Brown-lee Dam, and anglers claiming fish to 19 pounds. OP, however, as expected low temperatures will freeze out fishing.

WASHINGTON: SO December 1, but general low water clouding outlook. Most hopeful areas lower reaches of big rivers like Skagit, Puyallup, Cowlitz and Quillayute. OVG nevertheless, for season as whole. 1,400,000 hatchery steelhead planted in spring 1956 are expected back this winter, plump and in fine fighting fettle.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Thompson River FVG, and new runs appearing on mainland's Vedder and on Vancouver Island's Quinsam. On Thompson last week Ivan Mastin, 3834 Alabama St., Bellingham, Wash., hooked massive steelhead and played it for 40 minutes until hook broke. Later on same day while Mastin grieved in coffee shop he overheard excited sportsman phone game protector to arrange official weigh-in of a fabulous steelhead catch. Suspicious Mastin took a look, saw half of broken hook in fish's jaw, matched it with half of broken hook from his pocket, confirmed suspicions: same hook, same fish. Twice-hooked steelhead weighed a near-record 28 pounds and took Mastin's successor one hour to land.

Pacific salmon: CALIFORNIA: FVG on south fork of Eel River, especially at mouth of Mill Creek near Benbow, where chinooks to 33½ pounds are attacking Bear Valley spinners and fluorescent Flatfish. Agent warns, however, that lures work only when dragged along bottom. FG also on Sacramento River between Corning and Red Bluff, with egg clusters taking fish; OG.



Knee-deep in smoky Cape Hatteras surf, Amelia Ballance of Buxton, N.C. shows the angling skill which helped her capture magnificent 63-pound channel bass. Giant catch (right) is new Women's All Tackle World Record as well as new 30-pound test line record for both men and women.