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focus on the deed...


Built for power, Texas Quarterback Bobby Lackey (22) goes up and over for a first-period touchdown when he finds the ground route too crowded for comfort at College Station. Lackey also kicked a 28-yard field goal to help the Longhorns upset Texas A&M 9-7.

Built for speed, Hawaii Kai III. with hot-footed Driver Jack Regas tromping down hard on the throttle, kicks up a white-water spray on the way to new world records of 194.649 mph for a kilometer and 183.350 for a measured mile over Seattle's Lake Washington.

High jump by Red China's Cheng Feng-yung, who uses Russian-style built-up shoe on right foot but bares her left foot, clears the bar at world record 5 feet 9¾ inches at Peiping.

High fashion in the tennis world is demonstrated in London by two pretty models who show off famed Designer Teddy Tinling's latest dreamboat, the cocoon look (see page 23).

High leap by, the acrobatic Russian Goalie Puchkov comes too late to stop shot by Sudbury (Ont.) Wolves but visiting Moscow Selects won 7—4 for first victory on Canadian ice.