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SF—spotty flight
FF—fair flight
GF—good flight
EF—excellent flight
GDW—good duck weather
SC—season closes (or closed)
BW—bluebird weather
PG—poor gunning
FG—fair gunning
GG—good gunning
EG—excellent gunning
OP—outlook poor
OF—outlook fair
OG—outlook good
OVG—outlook very good
SO—season opens (or opened)

MAINE: GG/OG as EF of blacks have pitched into Maine marshes. Current week should be best of season in Merrymeeting Bay and throughout Penobscot, Kennebec and Androscoggin watersheds. OG also offshore in Casco and Penobscot bays.

CONNECTICUT: FG as stiff wind last week broke up raft of 15,000 bluebills off Savin Rock and drove them inshore to sheltered waters near Guilford. FF of buffleheads and whistlers also reported, and OG.

DELAWARE: FG/GG for pintails, mallards and blacks on Thousand Acre Marsh near Delaware City, but rest of state reports PG, as birds are rafting on open water in bland weather and not moving until sunset. SF of canvasbacks in Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Bay, some honkers being downed around Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, but over-all OP/F.

VIRGINIA: "Pitiful," says Federal Game Agent Ernest R. Atkinson about Virginia season. "We just haven't got it."

NORTH CAROLINA: GG/OVG in Nags Head marshes, Pamlico Sound and Currituck Sound. Blacks, pintails and baldpates predominate. Last week 14-year-old Johnny Booth of Norfolk, using 20-gauge automatic from Nags Head blind, bagged four honkers and seven ducks in two days' shooting.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Flood waters have led to temporary closing of swamp areas in some counties along Pee Dee, Santee, Congaree and Wateree rivers. Coastal areas not affected, and GG reported. Lower Edisto-Combahee area enjoying FF of mallards and pintails; OF.

LOUISIANA: State Wildlife and Fisheries Commission inventory shows 2,027,000 ducks, 405,500 geese and 246,000 coot in state, but gunners lamenting as statewide waters near flood level and birds are widely scattered. In some areas water so high that hunters are bass fishing from blinds while they wait for ducks to decoy; OP/F for ducks, quite good for bass.

IOWA: EG/OVG as Iowa season is generally described as phenomenal. EF of mallards statewide, with 100,000 in one group south of Council Bluffs. Mallards decoying with such abandon that sportsmen claim they are shooting left-handed, putting only one shell in gun and using any other handicap to prolong shooting.

UTAH: F on Great Salt Lake has almost sounded death knell of duck season although a few birds remain and can be found by the hardy.

IDAHO: Northern state F, but elsewhere EG/OVG. Ducky spots include islands on Strike Reservoir near Mountain Home, Hagerman Valley, American Falls and in Boise and Payette river area where unexpected EF of widgeon has joined mallard influx. On Snake River last week Dr. John Lundy of Boise, President of the American Chesapeake Club, and five friends had such fast and furious shooting that they killed limits before noon. It was probably just as well. One splendid overhead shot dropped mallard into lunch box where it shattered bottle of Johnnie Walker. Crane Creek Reservoir GG, but EG in adjacent grainfields. Paddock Reservoir FG/G. Honkers congregating on west shore of Cascade Reservoir, and hunters need white sheets for cover with snow on ground.