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SO—season opens SC—season closes C—clear water D—water dirty, roily N—water normal height SH—slightly high H—high VH—very high M—water muddy L—low R—rising WT50—water 50° FG—fishing good FVG—fishing very good FF—fishing fair FP—fishing poor OG—outlook good OVG—outlook very good OF—outlook fair OP—outlook poor

Pompano: LOUISIANA: Charles Sebastian and other charter boat skippers out of Grande Isle report unusually heavy pompano run around offshore oil rigs. Catches of this fine sport and table fish averaging from 1½ to 4 pounds, with anglers tossing Super Dude lure or shrimp on light spinning tackle. Fish are in shadow of oil rigs at depth of 30 feet; FVG/OVG.

Black Bass: TENNESSEE: Winter FVG especially at Center Hill and Dale Hollow lakes. Bass running to 7 pounds and OG.

Steelhead: WASHINGTON: Season off to alltime rotten start as predicted. Chinook (warm) wind needed to build up head of water in all rivers west of Cascades. Opening-day catch in usually top-ranked Skagit River was one fish taken from Tarheel Hole. OG, however, as consensus holds that steelhead will be in soon as water conditions right. East of Cascades FG with streams C. Shallow riffles of Entiat, Methow and Wenatchee rivers producing. Grande Ronde, Snake and Clearwater rivers also rewarding and OVG as latest count of steelhead moving upstream over Bonneville Dam stands at healthy 145,000 and best of winter run is yet to come.

Blue Marlin: PUERTO RICO: OG now as winds have moderated and boats report increased number of fish raised. Outstanding recent catch was 357½-pound trophy taken on 80-pound test line by Mrs. Aida McLeod after 1½-hour battle off Boca de Cangrejos. Mrs. McLeod's marlin broke Puerto Rican women's record by 66½ pounds. Previous titleholder was 291-pounder thrashed less than two months ago by Mrs. Miguel Ferrer, wife of architect of San Juan's famous Caribe Hilton Hotel. Puerto Rico marlin OG during lulls between stiff winter trade winds.

Pacific Salmon: BRITISH COLUMBIA: FG in fine weather and OG. English Bay showing winter springs to 10 pounds. Moochers scoring at Horseshoe Bay and Fisherman's Cove to 15 pounds. Bucktails the lures to take young silvers near surface in Saanich Inlet. Fifteen-pound springs there too, but deep.