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S—snow R—rain F—freeze-up T—temperature SF—spotty flight FF—fair flight GF—good flight EF—excellent flight GDW—good duck weather SC—season closes (or closed) BW—bluebird weather PG—poor gunning FG—fair gunning GG—good gunning EG—excellent gunning OP—outlook poor OF—outlook fair OG—outlook good OVG—outlook very good SO—season opens (or opened)

MASSACHUSETTS: FF of blacks and honkers how winging into Cape Cod area, with GG reported from Nauset and Barnstable marshes; OG until SC Jan. 3.

FLORIDA: Windy weather pushing GF of mallards, pintails, bluebills and teal into Lake Okeechobee; OG.

KANSAS: OVG as Kansas enjoys banner season. Duck paradise created when heavy rains and snows created marshes and potholes in maize fields and prevented farmers from harvesting grain. EG in progress at Lake McKinney, Cedar Bluffs Reservoir and Cheyenne Bottoms National Wildlife Refuge in Barton County with hunters scoring many limits.

NEW MEXICO: Honker season at peak with EG at Conchas Reservoir near Tucumcari and at head of Elephant Butte Lake near Truth or Consequences Ducks leaving northeastern state because of F, but much open water elsewhere, such as middle Rio Grande region where GF of mallards reported from Socorro south to Elephant Butte. Birds concentrated in Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, but GDW is scattering them into adjacent gunning areas; OG and improving.

CALIFORNIA: First GF of honkers under way in northern Inyo and Mono counties, with at least 2,000 birds on Bridgeport and Topaz lakes. Some snow geese moving into Salton Sea. GDW, however, has produced season's fastest gunning in Imperial Valley and on Colorado River. Pintails and widgeon are mixed with EF of mallards. Finest of many fine spots is Lost Lake area above Blythe; OVG.

OREGON: GDW in western state has stirred GF of mallards, teal, widgeon and pintails in Willamette Valley. Heavy rains flooding fields and EG available. Willamette River in Corvallis area favored for ducks, Rickreall area for geese; OG. Klamath Falls OP for reason which adds classic to sportsmen's ever-rich alibi supply. Infestation of industrious field mice has broken out in Klamath Falls area. Mice are devouring grain and vegetation on which ducks and geese also feed. Ducks and geese have departed for mouseless territory.


PROUD Jan Oneto, 12, bagged his first goose (above) in North Carolina, claimed it only after a harrowing collision with some very odd "sportsmen" (see page 22).