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Arthur Godfrey, who can bring charm and humor even to a commercial, has captivated and inspired his sedentary coast-to-coast television and radio audience for the past two weeks with a daily personal demonstration of how to keep fit. Last Thursday, although he has a torn cartilage in his knee, he happily performed (right) several chins on a trapeze, some sit-ups and 13 push-ups which his studio audience obligingly counted for him in chorus. "Hey, I'm getting healthy for you," he reminded them, urging them to send for Bonnie Prudden's fitness kit and get busy on their own shapes. That same day another fitness impulse hit the air in Providence (lower right), where Ballet Teacher Judith Maxwell led the stalwart Providence Reds hockey team in some exercises on a local television show.

Meanwhile, as a reminder of Russia's official dedication to fitness, came the charming pictures below of 13-year-old Nina Nikiferova, who has been awarded the awesome title of Master of Soviet Sports for skill in gymnastics.

Godfrey Strains to lift his 195 pounds off the floor and chin himself during his morning CBS television and radio show. While his singer, Carmel Quinn, watches admiringly, the 54-year-old star goes through his push-up paces. At last, having successfully executed a sit-up duet with Carmel in which they could lock their feet together, he laughs at his inability to do a solo sit-up.

Nina Nikiferova (center) accepts congratulations of the pigtail set in Moscow suburb upon becoming the youngest Master of Sports in the Soviet Union. Her new title assures the happy teen-ager of an honored place among the elite of Soviet athletes. At right, clearly enjoying herself, Nina demonstrates a supple-jointed handstand.

Hockey Players bend awkwardly in their uniforms as they try, not too successfully, to imitate Judith Maxwell's graceful motions during Betty Adams' Providence television show, The World Around Us. Show continually stresses the value of fitness.