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The lively group of small fry on these pages are pioneers of a new American phenomenon—the under-6 resorter. Nattily turned out for as many varieties of sport as their parents, these young specialists in Florida living set a fashion pace for the kindergarten set that will, by summer, be emulated by their classmates up north. Young sun-followers not only lead a full life on the beach or with boats, but are tempted with such specialties as pony polo at Boca Raton and deep-sea fishing in the Gulf Stream.

For sunning at the Seagate Beach Club, DeDe Nobbe wears a candy-striped seersucker bag, belted low at the hipline like a grownup's chemise (Randy Knitwear, $4).

Sports fans Jody Boyce, in a baseball-uniform-inspired dress, and Candy Knowlton, in lifeguard chemise (Kate Greenaway, $5 and $4), show baseball to Randy Frazer.

At the Boca Raton polo field, Scotty Tiernan, in red flannel Eton jacket and shorts (Saks Fifth Avenue, $30) confers with his pony-polo-playing friend, Randy Frazer.

Lounging pajamas of orange-blossom-printed cotton satin are worn by Betsy Nobbe for quiet mornings beside the pool in Delray Beach, Florida (Glen of Michigan, $7).

Young fishermen await departure from pier in Delray Beach in snug hooded sweat shirts of navy and white brushed cotton (Randy Knitwear, $4 each).

Jody Boyce, dressed in a sailor costume (Randy, $9), sips a grenadine-and-ginger-ale concoction called "the monster." Sandals are by Capezio.

At the beach, Susan Gezelschap wears a cotton bathing suit of grownup foulard print with matching pleated skirt (Sacony, $7).

Spearfishers are Charles Gezelschap in clam-diggers (Kaynee, $4), pullover (Gemco, $3); Randy Frazer in hooded terry (Kaynee, $3).