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19TH HOLE: The readers take over


Fun and games: Ghastlies
Our ski club is currently in the throes of a new parlor game that threatens our sanity but has become as habit-forming as marijuana. We call it "sports ghastlies." Herewith some of our better efforts. Fishing: "Gee, Mother Ahab, I hear your son really hooked into a big one," or "Mrs. Jonah, why are you so prejudiced against skin-diving?" Card Games: "Hello, Mr. Bluebeard, playing solitaire again?" or, "Next time you throw a hand on the table, pardner, tell us who it belonged to." Some other favorites are: "Oedipus can't make the team this spring, Coach, some kind of family trouble." And: "Well, Mrs. Goliath, the bigger they come...."

Now we want to find out from your readers what other sports ghastlies are being invented. Each new item will receive the solemn consideration of the Albuquerque Ski Club's full membership.

•You mean like, "C'mon, Cyclops, keep your eye on the ball"?—ED.

Jemail: The beautiful mule (cont.)
Hooray for Kenneth M. Hollingsworth (19th HOLE, Jan. 27). He knows his mules.

The horse or bronc is yet to be born that can be trained to pull a trip of coalmine cars in the mine, single, spike or string team; to leave the mine track on a moment's notice; gee or haw when the tail chain is cut loose and turn into a refuge hole on a dead run downgrade and live; or kick out a timber crossbar that is rubbing his withers when he gets a chance. He will lie down when worked to exhaustion and will get up when coal dust, sand or water is poured into his ear.
Amarillo, Texas

Jemail: The beautiful fox
As I boarded a plane for three weeks of fox hunting in England, I picked up a copy of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and read Jimmy Jemail's HOTBOX ("Is the Fox Hunt Doomed?" SI, Jan. 6). Evidently, Mr. Matthews knew what he was talking about because not only did I have a wonderful time fox hunting, but I joined three other Americans who were doing the same thing, and they in turn were going to be joined by six others. In addition, several of our friends were fox huntting in Ireland this year.
Paoli, Pa.

Fun and games: Play it yourself
Congratulations for your fine coverage of the heretofore unpublicized college chess bowl (SI, Jan. 13). Your publishing of the play-by-play of the decisive match between Charles Kalme and Anthony Saidy would be greatly appreciated.
Far Rockaway, N.Y.


Fun and family fitness
You mention a Bonnie Prudden fitness kit available to families (WONDERFUL WORLD OF SPORT, Feb. 3). How can I get such a kit? There are five slackers in this family, self included, and the time has come to do something.
New York City

•Bonnie Prudden's new fitness kit (see below) is aimed at each member of the family, adults and children. On a 33-rpm vinyl microgroove record (see cut) Miss Prudden explains what it means to be physically alert, how to grade yourself on the Kraus-Weber test, and she supplies three exercises, set to music, to start the whole family on its way to fit, healthy bodies. With the record come charts to score the tests and subsequent improvements. Miss Prudden would like these to be filled out and returned to her to provide statistics for a new national family fitness survey. The complete kit can be obtained by writing to FITNESS, Box 160-A, New York 46. Enclose 25¢ in coin for postage and handling.—ED.