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SAILFISH: FLORIDA: FG for silver-minded anglers who have been indulging in Twenty-first Annual Silver Sailfish Derby of the Palm Beaches for past three weeks. So far 228 sails caught of which 184 released. Heaviest so far is 58-pounder taken by A. J. Cunningham of Trenton, N.J., longest a 7-foot 7½-inch fish by Student William Bozman of Monkton, Md. Mrs. S. N. Bolling of Brecksville, Ohio has released 14 sails, Mrs. Ray Cohen of Brigantine, N.J. 12, and Mrs. Lon Ehler of Prospect Heights, Ill. 9. All silver will be handed out by Feb. 8. OG with sails in good number and weather dreadful.

BLUE MARLIN: BAHAMAS: High winds plaguing islands too but moderated long enough last week for Mrs. Gilbert Keech of Welcome, Md., who is fishing from Andros Yacht Club on Andros Island, to sneak out and collar a 305-pounder. Tongue of the Ocean, a puddle of blue water just east of Andros in the midst of shallow Bahamian banks, is considered excellent marlin territory but not fished enough to establish just how excellent.

STEELHEAD: CALIFORNIA: Southern anglers not only ones aghast at weather. Tearful California spy reports heavy rains; Russian River six feet over normal at Ukiah and still rising; Gualala H and choked with logs and debris; Navarro at flood stage; Sacramento cresting 19 feet at Red Bluff; OH (horrible).

PACIFIC SALMON: WASHINGTON: FG with blackmouths hitting herring near Chickanut south of Bellingham from Governors Point to Wildcat Cove, where W. L. McIntyre of Bellingham recently bagged several 18-pounders.

BLACK BASS: TENNESSEE: Winter FF in Center Hill Lake although bass are deep. Persistent Mrs. Thayer Wilson of Carthage, Tenn. took a 7¾-pounder last week while dangling a live minnow in the Cove Hollow area.

LOUISIANA: High water playing havoc with north and central areas and in Mississippi River, but FVG in ponds west of New Orleans such as Willswood, Churchill, Waggaman and Simoneaux. Underwater lures most effective.

CALIFORNIA: FG from Lake Mead to Palo Verde Valley. FVG at Cottonwood Cove in Lake Mohave which is offering limits of 3-pounders.

BLUEFIN TUNA: NORTH CAROLINA: Hatteras denizens in flap over defunct 245-pound bluefin washed ashore last week. Much hot stoving in progress as to whether tuna migrate past cape or whether this one just a hobo.

SO—season opens
SC—season closes
C—clear water
D—water dirty, roily
N—water normal height
SH—slightly high
VH—very high
M—water muddy
WT50—water 50°
FG—fishing good
FVG—fishing very good
FF—fishing fair
FP—fishing poor
OG—outlook good
OVG—outlook very good
OF—outlook fair
OP—outlook poor