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Skiing across the country—reports complete through the preceding weekend


Whiteface, N.Y.: Area's first week of operation brought skiers from Albany, western N.Y. and Montreal. Long three-mile runs kept crowd dispersed. UP 30, LO 14, CR 2,200.

Lake Placid, N.Y.: Resort has had surge of ski interest since opening of Whiteface nearby. Around town, one double chair lift operates at Kobl Mt., plus Pomalifts at Scott's Cobble and Fawn Ridge. Nightly accordion sessions at The Spot restaurant popular with ski crowd.

Stowe, Vt.: All trails were open and in top shape. Swissair Blue one of most frequently seen colors in stretch pants worn by coeds here for midterm ski vacations. UP 50, LO 38, SN 4, CR 4,000.

Smuggler's Skiway, Vt.: Two-mile Rum Runner trail making hit with Stowe skiers who drop over for a run. UP 49, CR 1,000.

Mad River Glen, Vt.: Skiing excellent. Powder on unpacked sections ran almost knee-deep. UP 50, LO 40, SN 24, CR 1,000.

Big Bromley, Vt.: Tucker Sno-cats kept busy packing down several days' fall of powder. UP 38, LO 28, SN 20, CR 3,000.

Mt. Snow, Vt.: Week-long snow made skiing excellent. Seven-day ski package, including lessons, lift and lodging ($60 and up) being bought by 200 skiers a week here.

Princeton Snow Bowl, N.Y.: Area caught overflow from more crowded Catskill runs. UP 55, LO 25, SN 10, CR 600.

Black Mt., N.H.: Area shared in two-foot snowfall that blanketed state, had to dig out lift lines for record crowd last weekend.

Belknap, N.H.: Liberty Mutual of Boston sponsored outing here for 400 employees, most of them on skis for first time. UP 40, LO 20.

Cranmore, N.H.: Heavy snowfall filled in The Ledges run, opened it weeks earlier than usual. UP 50, LO 22, CR 5,000.

Wildcat, N.H.: Skiers commenting on warmth and comfort of newly opened gondola lift (see picture).

Cannon Mt., N.H.: Snowfall here for January broke 20-year record. UP 60.

Mt. Laurel, Pa.: New record enrollment in ski school last weekend. UP 25, LO 20.


Telemark, Wis.: Powder skiing over whole hill. Group tours arrived from Carleton College, Northfield, Minn. and YWCA, Des Moines. UP 6, LO 12.

Rib Mt., Wis.: Record-Herald free ski school had final session last weekend with 300 pupils competing in races. UP 6, LO 9, SN 3.

Boyne Mt., Mich.: Skiing excellent. Pattern parkas and light color stretch pants set style here. UP 10, LO 36, SN 11, CR 806.

Brule Mt., Mich.: Skiers crossing new Mackinaw Bridge in numbers to ski Brule and other upper peninsula areas. UP 10, LO 7.

Caberfae, Mich.: UP 4, LO 5, SN 3.

Porcupine, Mich.: LO 12, SN 8, CR 1,400.

Shelter Valley, Wis.: LO 10, SN 3.


Sun Valley, Idaho: Skiing excellent. Area reports 20,000 lifts tickets sold last month. Crew of 60 on hand for filming of Lucille Ball's TV show, Lucy Goes to Sun Valley.

Pine Basin, Idaho: Area getting mass response to free lessons offered junior skiers. UP 41, LO 35, CR 800.

Big Mt., Mont.: Sno-cats working overtime to take skiers to top of mountain where snow-fields are waist-deep. UP 60, LO 48, SN 10, CR 700.

Alta, Utah: Deepest powder skiing of season. Access road blocked last weekend by snow slide, but skiers arrived via Salt Lake special buses and walked in over drifts. UP 95, LO 88, SN 72.

Jackson Hole, Wyo.: Conditions perfect last weekend. Skiers making trip report deep-powder skiing on Teton Pass best of season.

Aspen, Colo.: Powder snow has been arriving nightly. Aspen Institute holding first winter session for executives who will divide time between skiing and seminar discussions on humanities. UP 63, LO 27, SN 16, CR 1,600.

Far West

Squaw Valley, Calif.: Midweek snowstorm piled up avalanche slabs which were removed by 11 shots from 75 mm. cannon. Gunner was Monty Atwater, U.S. Forest Service avalanche expert on loan to area until after 1960 Winter Olympics are over here. UP 95, LO 50.

Sugar Bowl, Calif.: Biggest crowd in area's history skied here Saturday. Area offering five-day $27 midweek special for meals and lodging. UP 100, LO 80, SN 30, CR 3,000.

Heavenly Valley, Calif.: Area had best snow cover of season last weekend. UP 72, LO 48.

Mammoth Mt., Calif.: Skiing fine. UP 72, LO 64, SN 12, CR 2,000.

Dodge Ridge, Calif.: UP 84, LO 48, SN 36, CR 4,200.

Badger Pass, Calif.: UP 48, SN 5, CR 2,000.

China Peak, Calif.: LO 48, UP 48, CR 2,000.

Big Bear, Calif.: Operating daily. LO 2, UP 8, SN 6, CR 500.

Mt. Baldy, Calif.: Skiing on rope tow lift at notch only. CR 100.

Mt. Hood, Ore.: Best skiing of year. Rooms at lodge reserved for college students participating in carnival next weekend.

Mt. Spokane, Wash.: Dry new powder filled marks and moguls, put entire mountain in good shape.

White Pass, Wash.: Expert skiers favoring Marker toe irons and release heel cables as combination for maximum safety.

Cayuse Pass, Wash.: Area's 4,800-foot elevation gave it driest skiing in region.

Check resorts for late condition changes

UP—inches of snow on upper slopes and trails
LO—inches of snow on lower slopes and trails
SN—inches of snowfall last week
CR—number of skiers last Saturday