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Skiing across the country—reports through the preceding weekend


New Hampshire: Five to 10 inches hit slopes already hip-deep in snow, caused slow-down in record attendance totals at state's ski areas.

SUNAPEE. Parking lot continues to overflow as Boston skiers rediscover area, take advantage of excellent conditions.

Black MT. Skiers rented every piece of available equipment. UP 60, LO 30.

BELKNAP. Record-breaking crowd, CR 3,000.

CRANMORE. Friday-night train from Boston carried extra cars to handle weekend traffic.

CANNON. Biggest week ever for area's $20 five-day package plan which includes lifts, 10 lessons, plus 10% off on all lodge rates. Private planes landing skiers in numbers at Franconia airstrip. UP 48.

INTERVALE. Manager Dick Simpson leaving one slope unpacked for powder ski addicts.

Maine: SUGARLOAF. Registered biggest crowd in its history last Sunday. UP 87, LO 50.

PLEASANT MT. Midweek business double last year's totals. UP 40, LO 16.

Vermont: STOWE. Skiing excellent on every trail and slope. Long thongs are on the wane. Marker release thong and toe-piece are racers' vogue. UP 54, LO 30, SN 12.

MAD RIVER. Third week of powder skiing. UP 56, LO 48, CR 500.

WOODSTOCK. Eastern men's and women's giant slalom here Feb. 16.

PICO PEAK. New T bar expected to be ready for New England Jr. Giant Slalom championships Feb. 16. UP 50, LO 30.

MOUNT SNOW. South Bowl getting big traffic, Jaws of Death trail proving hair-raiser even for good skiers.

BIG BROMLEY. Time trials held on Boulevard each Wednesday for would-be schussboomers. UP 42, LO 30, SN 15.

DUTCH HILL. Best conditions in years.

Massachusetts: OTIS RIDGE. Area runs weekend ski camp for 40 children. UP 24.

CATAMOUNT. New T bar in operation daily except Tuesday. UP 29, LO 18.

MOHAWK. Sixth week of operation. UP 20.

New York: BELLEAYRE. Catskill downhill here Feb. 16. UP 48, LO 24, SN 16.

BEARPEN. Blizzard last week blocked main roads, stranded 100 skiers at local ski lodges.

WHITEFACE. Some skiers wearing parkas of dubleteen, velvetlike Swiss fabric. UP 40.

SNOW RIDGE. Stanley Evans took Oneida Silversmith trophy. UP 30, LO 15, CR 850.

Quebec: MONT TREMBLANT. Skiing excellent. All tows and trails open. UP 27, LO 27.

STE. JOVITE. Grey Rocks' Harry Wheeler, father of double-gold-medal winner Lucile, announced his daughter would never teach skiing. "Enough ski bums around now without her becoming one." UP 27.

STE. MARGUERITE. Skiing excellent.

MONT GABRIEL. 5,000 on hand for U.S.-Canada Ladies International slalom. UP 36.

LAC BEAUPORT. Accommodations scarce until end of Quebec Winter Carnival Feb. 19.

Pennsylvania: MOUNT LAUREL. Best this year. UP 35, LO 30, SN 20, CR 1,400.


Michigan: CABERFAE. Dearborn double chair started operating this week. UP 6, LO 5.

BOYNE MT. Skiing excellent.

BRULE MT. Sandy Lind, Iron River, Mich., was snow queen in area's first carnival.

Wisconsin: RIB MT. Skiing good. UP 8, LO 8, SN 1, CR 2,100.

TELEMARK. Buses from Peoria, Ill. and a snow train from Chicago sent attendance totals up. UP 5, LO 13, SN 2.

TROLLHAUGEN. Area drawing well. Snow train arriving weekly from Twin Cities.


Idaho: SUN VALLEY. Skiing excellent. Two hundred skiing doctors on hand for opening of Northwest Medical Association meeting.

LOOKOUT PASS. Ninth consecutive week of skiing in light powder. UP 114, LO 70.

BOGUS BASIN. Area held special learn-to-ski week for Boise housewives. CR 650.

Utah: ALTA. Avalanche block on access road cleared, skiing excellent. Reservations getting tight for rest of season. SN 21, CR 700.

BRIGHTON. Everything open. Reservations available except for Washington's Birthday. Girls wearing peasant blouses under down-filled parkas.

Montana: BRIDGER BOWL. Pierre's Knob was the top spot for deep-powder skiers. Ice Bucket packed for beginners.

BIG MOUNTAIN. UP 72, LO 60, SN 12.

Wyoming: JACKSON HOLE. UP 38, LO 30, SN 8, CR 400.

Colorado: ASPEN. Dog teams and Sno-Cat tractors are taking skiers to Little Annie Basin run. SN 8, CR 2,500.

ARAPAHOE. Pomalift still shut down, expected to operate this weekend. SN 6.


STEAMBOAT SPRINGS. Carol Sue Stehly, queen of the 47th carnival, was also winner of girls' downhill race. Chuck Ferris and Loris Werner took men's downhill titles. CR 5,000.

New Mexico: TAOS. Southern Rocky Mountain slalom on Snake Dance Trail Feb. 15. SN 12, CR 400.

SANTA FE. Skiing excellent. Southwest skiers wearing sheepherder's vest as newest ski style. UP 60, LO 30, SN 8.

Alberta: MOUNT NORQUAY. Skiing poor last weekend. UP 6, LO 4, CR 100.

MOUNT TEMPLE. Skiing excellent. Reservations at Temple Chalet limited, but available at nearby Lake Louise Lodge. UP 48, CR 50.

Far West

California: DODGE RIDGE. Best conditions here in over three years. LO 60, SN 24.

BADGER PASS. Skiing excellent. SN 20.

MAMMOTH MT. UP 110, SN 32, CR 1,800.

MOUNT BALDY. Skiing good for the first time this year. Reservations available at Vernons Lodge, Curry's Wagon Wheel and Snow Crest Lodge, all three with weekend orchestras entertaining. UP 30, LO 24, SN 36, CR 1,500.

BIG BEAR. Skiing excellent. Reservations available at Big Bear Chamber of Commerce. Peer Gynt giant slalom here Saturday, also exhibition jumping by former Olympic team members Keith and Paul Wegeman. UP 28, LO 12, SN 25, CR 2,000.

HEAVENLY VALLEY. Ten inches of new powder last weekend. Snowshoe Thompson cross-country won by Harry Ericson in Class A and Ole Quiberg in Class B in identical times.

MOUNT LASSEN. Excellent. LO 154, SN 24.

SUGAR BOWL. Midweek crowd filling area to capacity. SN 36, CR 1,200.

SODA SPRINGS. Kit Schull took Dick Buek Memorial. UP 100, SN 30, CR 1,500.

Nevada: RENO. All trails packed out last weekend after heavy snow. Nevada U. Winter Carnival here this weekend.

Oregon: MOUNT HOOD. 2,500 students here for the second annual Intercollegiate Weekend. Lodge and facilities for 15 miles around were jammed. At Govt. Camp UP 42, LO 31, SN 0, CR 2,500.

HOODOO BOWL. LO 97, SN 12, CR 700.

WILLAMETTE PASS. Northwest Ski Patrol toboggan championship here Feb. 23.

Washington: MOUNT RAINIER. Skiing wet and heavy last weekend. Active skiers climbed up to 6,000-foot level for drier snow. UP 196, LO 162, CR 960.

STEVENS PASS. U. of Washington Carnival here Feb. 22-23. UP 149, SN 6.

MOUNT BAKER. Mild weather last weekend made skiing very heavy. Heather and Chute trails closed by minor slides. Touring to Shuksan Arm and Table Mt. was fine.

SNOQUALMIE. Thunderbird Restaurant making hit with hot spiced apple cider. SN 12.

British Columbia: GROUSE MT. Plenty of cover. UP 72, LO 36, CR 1,650.

Check resorts for late condition changes

UP—inches of snow on upper slopes and trails

LO—inches of snow on lower slopes and trails

SN—inches of snowfall last week

CR—ski crowd last Saturday