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14 Racing the Tigers in the Garden
The swirling color and excitement of indoor track reaches a high point in the National AAU

23 Comes the Tennis Revolution
The West Coast officially takes over amateur tennis—and begins with a foot fault

26 Messrs. Chips on Ice
After ups and downs, a team of rugged prep school headmasters outlasts the Yale faculty

28 Jack Kramer's Green Empire
In his biggest week, a look at the boss of the U.S. tennis pros by Dick Phelan

32 Good Show for Boating
High style in new clothes tops off a great year for the boat shows

44 Chicago's Feuding Family
It's Comiskey against Comiskey in a fight for control of the White Sox. By Robert Creamer

52 The Bouncing Ball
First of a two-part survey of the sports of postwar Japan by Herbert Warren Wind

The departments

7 Scoreboard
9 Snow Patrol
10 Coming Events
19 Events & Discoveries
24 Wonderful World
32 Sporting Look
39 Food
41 Basketball
43 Bonnie Prudden
44 Baseball
47 Charles Goren
48 Skiing
65 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 9

Cover: Phil Reavis

Villanova's own answer to the sputnik is one of the best high jumpers in the nation. For a look at the high jinks of Reavis and the prospects for the AAU indoor meet, see page 14.

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman














Next week

•These are Braves and Yankees loosening up in the Florida sunshine. Spring training is starting, and baseball's big question is: will Milwaukee be able to stay on top of the heap? Roy Terrell answers it.

•Thoroughbred racing's new 3-year-olds are pointing for the Kentucky Derby. Whitney Tower and James Murray size up the horses and introduce the ever hopeful owners.

•Daytona's Speed Weeks reach their climax as Detroit passenger cars compete on the famous beach. An on-the-spot report from Kenneth Rudeen.