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focus on the deed...


Winning Miler Ron Delany, unwilling pacemaker in slow Baxter Mile, leads Hungary's Istvan Rozsavolgyi across the finish line.

Winning Skater Carol Heiss, as skillful as she is pretty, cuts a dashing figure on the way to her third world championship in Paris.

Winning 3-year-old Tim Tarn (right) and runner-up Kentucky Pride give Calumet one-two punch in $31,550 Everglades Stakes.

Cold Spell forces leaping St. Louis rookies Bob Burda (left) and Leon Carmel, Manager Fred Hutchinson indoors at St. Petersburg.

Heavy Snow greets Bernice W., on way to post for the first race at Bowie. Stuff piled up, stranding 3,000 hardy fans (see page 20).