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Skiing across the country—reports through the preceding weekend


New Hampshire: Resorts are expecting record-breaking weekend. Snow is superb, and college midterm vacations are at hand.

WILDCAT. Gondola, closed by winds Feb. 14, operated next day. UP 85, LO 60.

CRANMORE. Strong midweek attendance, 500 on hand daily. Parking area enlarged. UP 50, LO 26, CR 3,500.

BELKNAP. Top guest skier during carnival was Air Force Assistant Secretary David Smith. UP 50, LO 12, CR 2,000.

SUNAPEE. Getting 200 skiers daily. UP 50.

WHITTIER. Crowds small Saturday but Sunday attendance taxing lift capacity and parking lot. UP 50.

BLACK MT. Lodges heavily booked for next two weeks. Compressors for area's snow machine, long unneeded, cost Owner Bill Whitney $700 monthly, are classed as "insurance." UP 60, LO 40, CR 1,300.

CANNON. Friday time trials down Cannon trail to start this weekend. Men schussing down in less than 2 minutes 25 seconds and women bettering 2:50 get coveted gold Cannon pin. Silver qualifying times are 2:50 and 3:30 respectively. Only 30 gold pins have ever been won. UP 75.

Maine: SUGARLOAF. UP 91, LO 50, CR 1,200.

PLEASANT MT. UP 50, LO 20, CR 800.

Vermont: New snow almost unwelcome, a situation unparalleled in two years. Most areas planning to run well into April.

STOWE, Eastern junior team for national meet will be picked here in races Feb. 28 to March 2. UP 56, LO 42, CR 4,000.


MAD RIVER GLEN. Steep upper trails in top shape last week. UP 55.

PICO. Many skiers deserted for a day to run in the sports car rally here. UP 40, LO 20.

MT. SNOW. Area definitely drawing biggest crowds in the east. UP 82, LO 41, CR 4,500.

BIG BROMLEY. Area had a dozen Venezuelan skiers visiting last weekend. Learn-to-ski weeks at $46 resume on March 3. Most touted new ski here is the all-round Amann. UP 40.

HOGBACK. Area pulling biggest crowds in 12-year history. UP 40, CR 900.

Massachusetts: JIMINY PEAK. UP 30, LO 15, CR 500.

BOUSQUETS. UP 38, LO 20, CR 2,000.

CUMMINGTON SNOW BASIN. Four rope tows here drawing Connecticut valley skiers. UP 28, LO 12, CR 650.

New York: BELLEAYRE. UP 38, CR 4,000.

ROXBURY. More than 200 city-dwelling skiers in Metropolitan N.Y. Ski Council championship here. UP 40, LO 20, CR 1,000.

CATAMOUNT. Area has unique policy offering free ski lessons to all beginners. UP 28.

WHITEFACE. Lifts running perfectly. No waiting line on weekends. UP 32, LO 24.

Quebec: MT. TREMBLANT. French Champion François Bonlieu here for 24th Annual Quebec Kandahar on March 1. UP 38, SN 10.

ST. JOVITE. UP 27, LO 27, CR 800.

MT. GABRIEL. UP 35, LO 35, CR 5,000.

ST. SAVEUR. UP 35, LO 35, CR 5,000.

LAC BEAUPORT. UP 38, LO 38, CR 4,000.


Michigan: BOYNE MT. Skiers from Toledo and Dayton clubs here last weekend. UP 60.

PORCUPINE. UP 15, LO 16, SN 7, CR 500.

BRULE MT. Iron Mountain Inn is favorite stop for after-ski drinks. UP 12, LO 14.

Wisconsin: TELEMARK. Attendance has increased every week. UP 5, LO 13, SN 2.



Idaho: SUN VALLEY. Tailored Eisenhower jacket worn by Peter Picard, San Francisco, chairman of ski bindings committee of the Northwestern Medical Association, set style here. UP 45, LO 42, SN 5, CR 1,100.

MCCALL. UP 60, LO 54, SN 5, CR 350.

BOGUS BASIN. Quilted parkas are appearing with high knit collar. UP 56.

SOLDIER MT. Skiers were within picture-taking distance of deer and elk forced down from high elevations by snow. UP 46.

PINE BASIN. Young skiers favoring Texas Bogners (blue jeans). UP 44, LO 56.

LOOKOUT PASS. Best spot in state for light, dry snow. UP 114, LO 74, SN 14.

Wyoming: JACKSON HOLE. Ski School Head Bill Ashley reports excellent results in teaching Austrian shortswing. Area lodges booked solid Feb. 22-23. UP 50, LO 28.

Montana: BIG MT. Waist-deep powder made upper slopes experts' country. UP 72, LO 60.

SNOW PARK. UP 54, LO 41, SN 10, CR 250.

WEST YELLOWSTONE. Area filling with enthusiasts here for North American sled dog championships. UP 64, LO 62, SN 10.

Utah: State had snowfall without letup last week.

ALTA. Heavy snows kept highway crews busy on access road trying to clear slides. Skiing excellent. UP 120.

BRIGHTON. Access roads clear all week. Salt Lake County free ski school had 1,200 pupils last weekend. UP 100, LO 92.

SNOW BASIN. Cover plentiful but heavy. Favorite wet snow wear: belted knee-length plastic poncho. UP 106, LO 94.

Colorado: ASPEN. Bell Mt. lift closed for a few days' repairs. All others operated. Lift waits ran up to 15 minutes.

ARAPAHOE BASIN. Poma lift operating. UP 57, LO 53, SN 12.

LOVELAND. UP 55, LO 48, SN 16, CR 800.

BERTHOUD. UP 67, LO 61, SN 20, CR 200.

STEAMBOAT. UP 30, LO 30, SN 6, CR 300.

New Mexico: TAOS. UP 72, SN 8, CR 500.

SIPAPAU. Excellent. UP 20, LO 10, SN 4.

SANTA FE. UP 60, LO 40, SN 12, CR 800.

Far West

Washington: Mild weather left dry snow on higher elevations only.

MT. SPOKANE. Tapered aluminum poles have replaced cane types, which split in area's heavy mogul country. UP 102, LO 72.

STEVENS PASS. UP 170, LO 122, CR 1,700.

MT. BAKER. Touring open. UP 154, LO 140.


SKI ACRES. UP 97, LO 89, SN 6, CR 2,200.

PARADISE. Skiers climbed to top of 6,800-foot Panorama for dry snow.

WHITE PASS. Coldest, dryest snow in Cascades here last weekend. UP 170, LO 89.

CAYUSE PASS. LO 183, SN 20, CR 350.

HURRICANE RIDGE. New this year, Olympic peninsula area has plenty of breathing room. UP 70, LO 65, SN 2, CR 600.

Nevada: RENO SKI BOWL. Area escaped most of the Sierra rain, had fine conditions. UP 72, LO 28.

California: Light rains in north cut snow cover, but skiing still generally good.

SQUAW VALLEY. UP 122, LO 66, CR 1,000.


MT. BALDY. Lower slope gone, but skiing good on Thunder Mt. and Notch. UP 20, LO 0, CR 2,000.

DODGE RIDGE. Excellent. UP 120, LO 70.

MAMMOTH MT. UP 115, LO 85, CR 1,400.

SNOW SUMMIT. Skiing fine. LO 4, UP 20.

CHINA PEAK. UP 110, LO 76, CR 500.

Check resorts for late condition changes

UP—inches of snow on upper slopes and trails
LO—inches of snow on lower slopes and trails
SN—inches of snowfall last week
CR—ski crowd last Saturday