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10 No More Room at the Top
The Braves may be baseball's newest dynasty. Here is why they could reign for years

14 Spectacle: The Rites of Spring
In color, the sunny scenes where each baseball season really begins

23 Coexistence in Pitt Stadium
The stadium is big enough, but the NCAA worries about pros contaminating amateurs

28 Carol Heiss Sees Paris at Last
Championship achieved, the girl from Ozone Park, N.Y. visits the boulevards and boutiques

30 Zero Hour on the Golden Trail
From two coasts the Thoroughbreds are on their way to Churchill Downs

38 Still Burning Up the Sand
The Flying Doctor was a winner when NASCAR honors were awarded at Daytona

42 Merry-go-round in the Big Ten
Musically inspired Michigan State leads in a typically furious Big Ten race

56 Around the Mulberry Bush
Part II of Herbert Warren Wind's survey of sports in postwar Japan

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7 Snow Patrol
8 Coming Events
19 Events & Discoveries
23 Focus
24 Wonderful World
30 Horse Racing
37 Fishing
38 Motor Sports
42 Basketball
45 Tip from the Top
46 Horse Show
48 Squash Racquets
49 Charles Goren
50 Bonnie Prudden
52 Sporting Look
65 19th Hole
68 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Spring Training

The business of deciding who will play in the 1958 World Series has already begun. Like last year's champion Braves and Yankees, 14 other big league teams are hard at work in the Florida and Arizona sun.

Photograph by John G. Zimmerman














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